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The water crisis reveals the existence of socially configured conflict. Diversity is preyed on as contrasting races find fault in their neighbors or develop the feeling that they are marginalized and targeted. The code of ethics for social work practice emphasizes that respect is crucial and presents a plea that people should desist from any actions with potential to assume a biased identity on racial or ethnic lines among other factors of diversity (NASW Delegate Assembly, 1996). The application of cultural pluralism and multiculturalism theories can provide a solution to existent challenges but equally attract issues attributed to strategic inadequacies and the complexities of the conventional societies.

A perspective correctional approach is adapted. Societies are persuaded to accept diversity by presenting argument that all races are equal and deserve fair treatment. The theories fashioned to prevent oppressive socialization. Cultural pluralism and multiculturalism develop a social realm that supports progression beyond the identification with specific races and ethnic background. People are encouraged to look beyond cultural limitations and appreciate diversity as a necessary part of society.

The two theories of cultural diversity are inadequately designed to avoid the consequences of institutionalized racial prejudice. They fail to present mechanisms to respond to issues such as the implications of racial bias on the quality of life for marginalized populations. They address the socially motivated problem as a biologically instigated issue thus missing out on the true meaning of racism. The association of cultural pluralism and multiculturalism to tolerance for diversity implies that one culture is preferred to the other thus called upon to accommodate its marginalized neighbor (Kohli, Huber, and Faul, 2010).

The application of cultural pluralism within Trucha Marron will allow the Caucasian population to develop bonds with the people of Oak Bottom. Ethnic tension will cease with the Latin enjoying the opportunity to live as per their culture and feeling appreciated by neighbors. Acceptance of diversity and existence of opportunity to exercise freedoms without feeling threatened will allow Trucha Marron community to develop positive attitude towards their neighbors. Similarly, Oak Bottoms adoption of multiculturalism shall allow the community to understand that it needs its neighbors and facilitate the forging of productive relationships. On its part, Oak Bottom shall continue to enjoy the feeling of superiority though in a silent manner. In that sense, both societies shall progress in a profitable manner. However, the success of such approaches depends on Oak Bottoms and Trucha Marrons ability to identify their points of conflict and the motivation to suppress such.

The differences between the two groups shall the negotiated through multiracial discussion forums. To develop cohesive association and motivate residents that they may appreciate diversity all engages shall address stakeholders as equals. Such process entails an arbitration process where each group listens to the other and common interests qualify as shared objectives alongside mending cultural relationships. An arbitration process is beneficial in the sense that it allows interested parties to seek solutions on the basis of mutually agreeable framework (Novais & Carneiro, 2016). In order to find equilibrium between my perspective and the perceptions of the two communities, I shall consider critical reasoning. An assessment of the circumstance of the prevailing issues and recognition of prejudices as possible instigations of the blame game allows for a logical conclusion.

In conclusion, Trucha Marron and Oak Bottom are affected by a social problem that is inspired by racial prejudice and perceptions of oppression. The communities lack trust for each other and shift blame about prevailing crisis. The application of social theories and concepts can deliver the communities from the circumstances.


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