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Creative Writing - Gratitude Diary

I am grateful that my friend Esther lent me her laptop to work on my assignment since mine had so technical errors.I am grateful that my sick grandmother was discharged f...
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(1204 Words)
2021-06-04 16:19:35

Annotated Bibliography on Child Maltreatment

This research seeks to determine the externalizing and internalizing behaviors of children who have been exposed to either child maltreatment or domestic violence or both...
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(1114 Words)
2021-06-07 18:54:18

Paper Example on How I Healed From a Broken Relationship

Coming from a break up in a relationship is always a challenge to both partners. In my case, the challenge was an even more challenging one being the first time to go thr...
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(576 Words)
2021-06-09 02:42:59

Course Work on Psychology: Defining the Phenomenal Field

The phenomenal field theory is one of the early theories of personality that was suggested by Arthur Combs and Donald Snygg. Unlike other theorists who are complicated an...
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(1692 Words)
2021-06-09 20:29:55

Some Questions on Sociology and Psychology

Firstly, Psychoanalytic theory revolves around the Id, Ego and the superego. It outlines that one is socially active due to the forces between the Id and the superego and...
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2021-06-12 04:21:41

Article Review Example: Behaviorism as a Theory of Personality: A Critical Look

Human beings have always been interested in knowing what makes them who they are and what makes them unique from one another. According to behaviorists, the answer to whi...
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(590 Words)
2021-06-12 10:08:05

Human Inference Theory and Its Relation to Script and Schema Theories: A Literature Review

The human inference theory is studied within the field of cognitive psychology, and it refers to how people draw conclusions while interacting with various stimuli in the...
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2021-06-12 19:15:11
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Term Paper on Thorndike and Hull

Edward Thorndike was born in 1874 to a clergy father. The father was said to be a very strict man who emphasized the importance of hard work and discipline. The strict up...
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(854 Words)
2021-06-15 03:30:56

Paper Sample on B.F Skinner, One of the Most Influential Psychologists in America

B.F Skinner is one of the most influential psychologists in America. He developed the theory of operant conditioning to help know how people behave. In his theory, Skinne...
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(919 Words)
2021-06-15 11:26:29

Psychology Essay Example: Conditioning Treatment of Phobia

Phobia may be termed as an overwhelming anxiety, and a disruption of someones normal body functioning and activities brought about by a particular stimulus (Marks, 2013)...
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2021-06-16 21:23:14