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Since antiquity, the relationship between stress and cardiovascular disease has always been recognized. The cardiovascular system comprises of the blood vessels, heart, and the control mechanisms that ensure their regulation. The cardiovascular disease occurs mainly due to the blockages that arise in the blood vessels that lead to the heart which in return causes heart attacks and also the blood vessels that lead to the brain hence causing stress. High cholesterol levels and hypertension greatly contribute to the blockage of the blood vessels. Hypertension occurs due to intense physiological responses caused by stress and emotional distress. Subjection to stress exposes an individual to the cardiovascular disease. Additionally, cardiovascular disease is brought about by the interaction of the physiological factors and psychosocial stressors. The stress makes individuals resort to behaviors like smoking, taking too much alcohol, hypertension, and not doing exercise at all which in return contributes to the cardiovascular disease.

In many instances, the stress is created by us which in return contributes to the cardiovascular disease. The stress more often than not is as a result of the dangerous traits we portray. The bad characteristics range from anger, aggressiveness, hostility, impatience or time urgency to competitiveness. All these traits are characteristics of an individual with Type A personality. According to Freidman and Rosenman, (1974) this behaviors patterns had a direct link to causing the heart disease. The behaviors are more likely to contribute to developing the heart disease. While Type A personality individuals are presumed to suffer most in developing the heart disease, the strong negative emotions like hate and hostility just to mention a few are actually the main contributors to stress and developing of cardiovascular disease. Therefore the extent to which one has Type A personality depends on how the individual can handle the emotions and their behavior of aggressiveness, anger, hostility, time urgency, and competitiveness.

The cases of the cardiovascular disease can significantly be controlled by leading a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle (Allen, 2015). To have a balanced life free of stress, spiritual and non-spiritual practices can be used. The religious practices that ensure a balanced life of an individual that is stress-free are through prayers and meditation. Secondly, by attending retreats and camps for more profound connection to oneself. Thirdly, a balanced life can be achieved by studying the religious books and philosophy. Lastly, to obtain a stable stress-free life spiritually, an individual can resort to communicating with nature by going for hikes and fishing trips. There are equally various non-spiritual practices that ensure one leads a stress-free life which is balanced. The practices include; getting enough exercises, eating healthier, having enough rest, engaging in the hobby that one enjoys, to avoid pressure plans should be laid down well before the day begins, and lastly take time to read journals and books that are of positive influence.

Indeed, it is very essential for an individual to lead a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle. By leading a healthy stress-free life, the mental health is in harmony with rest of the body, and thus the diseases like the cardiovascular disease can be avoided. Equally, an individual should practice control over the emotions and specific behaviors since if not controlled an individual can succumb to hypertension which is well known as high blood pressure that consequently leads to the cardiovascular disease.


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