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Every family needs perfect communication so as to address the issues facing the family as well as sharing ideas on the way forward in the relationship. Communication has been one of the main issues facing families in the current society, and the issue has crippled so many families hence serious attention needs to be directed on the subject. Different research has been conducted to try and research the impact communication has on the family especially on the children as well as the success of the family. From the research different data has been collected and analyzed and statistics show that communication leads to the largest number of relationship fail in the current world. The different study shows that:

45% of the marriages that break up in the US due to poor communication among the family members. (Turnbull et al., 2015)

A study by the Family Advocacy Program shows that children are affected by lack of communication, and six out of every ten children affected by the problem get to pass on the issue to their families as well (Ciemins et al., 2015).

Research by Ciemins et al. shows that 30% of the divorces cases filed are resolved via communication therapy where the partners are encouraged and enrolled into different family advocacy programs which motivate communication among the members (Ciemins et al., 2015).

Good communication skills are learned from the family interaction, and the survey shows that 70% of how people communicate with others is directly associated with how they communicate with their family (Turnbull et al., 2015).

Communication is the passing of information from one person to the other and in the case of a family communication is the passing of relevant information pertaining the family members from one member of the family to the other. A family is a single unit that thrives on sharing of ideas, issues and everything that may affect the family. In case a problem is experienced in the family communication is the best approach to handle all this. This has been the main problems among families in different parts of the world and results in different issues such as ending of families; research shows that lack of communication also has a direct impact on the children as well. Different articles have addressed these problems, and in this section, we get to analyze the impact of the article and a summarize of its main points.

Galvin, K. M., Braithwaite, D. O., & Bylund, C. L. (2015). Family Communication: Cohesion and Change (Subscription). Routledge. From the article Galvin et al., addresses the challenges that are associated with poor communication in the family. These challenges affect the children directly and indirectly, and its up to the parents to realize this and rectify. The main problem associated with lack of communication in the family is misunderstanding within the family. Lack of communication means some information is or are not shared between the family members hence one of the family members gets to overthink different situations which lead to misunderstandings. This results in lack of a single team in the family, and this directly affects the children since they do not see any unity within the family. They are forced to pick sides hence pulling the family apart.

Galvin et al., also address the issue of increased stress within the family due to poor communication. Lack of communication in the family creates insecurities in the relationship due to the feeling of disconnection between the family members. This is because on is not aware of what is going on with the other family member and indirectly results to unnecessary worries and fears, these feeling end up indirectly affecting the children in the family since the children have the ability to sense the different wave of emotions running in the family. This psychologically affects the children since they are uncertain of what may happen to their parents in the long run. This leads to stress for both the parents and the children, and at some point, it can result in things such as depression among the family members.

Gottman, J. M., Katz, L. F., & Hooven, C. (1997). Meta-emotion: How families communicate emotionally. Psychology Press. Gottman et al. addresses different issues as well which are present in a family in case of poor communication. Lack of communication results to escalated conflicts within the family. This is because lack of communication means the family members are not able to speak out their opinion regarding different issues within the family. This becomes a problem the minute the other partner makes a decision to make follow up with their decision, and in return, this breaks down into serious conflict a within the family. These conflicts are hard to hide from the children, and this weakens the family's bond as well as prevents the children from learning the best ways of handling issues which they may face them.

From the article, we find out that lack of communication ends up ending the relationship within the family due to the fact that the family never resolves the issues they have since poor communication is present in the relationship. Lack of communication leads to end or relationship bonds which in return lead to falling apart of the family. This affects the children within the family as they strive to get a grip of the situation.

Different articles have been done that try to explain the impact of poor communication on the society and some of them have been covered in this paper:

Lamanna, M. A., Riedmann, A., & Stewart, S. D. (2014). Marriages, families, and relationships: Making choices in a diverse society. Cengage Learning. Lamanna and Stewart have covered the main impact poor communication has on the society. The family makes up the foundation of the society. The minute the family is not stable due to particular problem, this implies that the problems are shared within the society as well. Poor communication among the parents in a family means that the children are exposed to this and do not get to learn how to communicate effectively in a relationship or with other people. This means the communication skills of the growing generation will be highly affected where the children have learned the way to handle issues is by arguing and not communicating. The main impact of this is that the society can hardly address its issue since the members of the society do not know the basics of communication.

Gallois, C., & Giles, H. (2015). Communication accommodation theory. The international encyclopedia of language and social interaction. From this article Gallois and Giles cover advantages of communication within the family and the impact of poor communication between the family and how this reflects in the society. Poor communication in a family means that the children lack good guidance on what is expected of them and what is not. Cases of drug abuse start at the early age, and the parents are responsible for preventing this from happening to their child. Th minute communication has affected the children lack the governing figure in the family, and they end up engaging in different acts, and in the process, these problems escalate to the society level. Children grow up breaking the law since while growing up they did not find anyone to communicate to them and show them what is expected of them. This affects the society a lot. The article tries to identify the impacts of poor communication in different levels both the family level and the society level as seen. It also gives the connection between the two.

Other people may find the problem not much of an issue based on their different understanding of the family concept. In some cases, one may be forced to say that communication is not effective in shaping the decisions a family makes but the decisions in a family are made out of the different circumstances that face the family. This is an argument that most people use in the process of justifying their actions as well. For instance, the choice of actions such as stealing and the lack of parental governance to show the wrongful nature of the action can be the reason behind one stealing. There have been cases where communication has been present, but other issues affect the development of a child hence the direct connection between the communication of the family and society does not exists. One may learn different things away from home, and they may end up affecting them in the long run and affect the society as well.

Conclusively communication plays a huge role in the in the success of a family and the process affects the society at large. Families in the current world have had problems with communication, and the issue needs to be addressed. In case the family is undergoing such problems, it is worth for the family to see further help so as to not only help the parents but the children in the family as well. The family actions practiced by the parents shape the life of the child as they grow and lead their own families as well.


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