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Reign over me is a fascinating film that revolves around the story of Charlie. He happens to be the main actor, who is struggling to recollect himself after the occurrence of 9/11 attack that led to the demise of his entire family. The intensity of the pain makes renders him depressed, losing reality with the universe hence becomes a lonely man. The kind of life that Charlie lives takes a twisting turn when he finally reunited with his old college roommate friend, Alan Johnson, a Dentist and a happily married man. Since Charlie and Alan were the two dearest friends since college, Alan struggled to help Charlie recollect himself from the loss of his family and become a better person in life. Indeed, Alan and Dr. Oakhurst problem-solving skills help Charlie to make informed decisions hence creating a positive mental energy to live a better life. Thus, we have only one life to live, uncertainties and emotional trauma should not make us lose focus but rather be self-driven and committed to remain strong.

The nature of the relationship that exhibits between Charlie and Alan is symmetric because they grew together since childhood hence enjoys similar power despite the current status where Charlie lacks a stable family. More so, it is through this symmetric relationship that bears fruit in transforming the perception of Charlie as well as rekindles Alan's relationship with his wife. Additionally, the power that exists between Adam and Alan is Legitimate because it is found on respectful grounds. On the other hand, Donna Rema struggles with a divorce from his husband, an indicator of competitive relationship mixed with coercive power where each partner wants to be in charge of everything. It is the fight for control that separates her from his husband.

The broken relationship between Charlie and His Family creates emotional trauma that causes turmoil, the first stage in relation de-escalation model. Charlie is ravaged with the pain of losing the only family; as a result, he isolates himself from friends, plays drums and listens to loud music as he keeps on remodeling his kitchen. An attempt to kiss away the pain that proves futile. Furthermore, Charlie undergoes another stage of relation de-escalation which is stagnation. It is observable that he has lost touch with the real world because his family no longer exists. His life loses vitality since he takes it for granted to counteract emotional abyss.

The decision made by Alan stick by the side of Charlie becomes fruitful to tackle the event of de-intensification. The reunion prevented Charlie from making life mistakes that could jeopardize his life and career. It is shocking to see Charlie attempting to commit suicide. The courtroom judges deliver a significant verdict that gives Charlie a second chance to become a better person. The process of individualization motivates Charlie to start making his life a paradise once again. He finally realizes that he is the only individual who can make his life better in the absence of his family.

Post-interaction stage in the film reveals the long-term effects of relationship on the lives of partners. For instance, Alan faces an embarrassing moment at the office of work, when Saffron, an emotionally unstable woman, confronts him, accusing him of sexual assault. An event that keeps Alan isolated too. According to social exchange theory, Alan and Charlie have an aspect of interdependence in sharing their life experiences. Both have faced instance of isolation and damages. For example, due to work overload, Alan had failed to balance between family and work, making him not close to his daughters. However, it is through the exchange of social experiences between Alan and Charlie that leads to merit in a good relationship, appreciation in economic and social value. Charlie being a former college roommate to Alan, he can receive substantial support and psychiatric counseling from Angela. Charlie gains a sense of acceptance with the 9/11 event. On the other hand, Alan strengthens the relationship between him and his family. It is also factual that the cost of emotional depression results in few close friends and likeability from other friends. For example, when Charlie was asked about missing being a dentist, he replied with an emotional outburst. In context, its hard to have a healthy relationship with other people at work or home.


From the film, I have learned that post-traumatic stress disorder is real and can severely interfere with one's interpersonal relationship that was once easy to handle. Besides, addiction is part of the problem and not part of the solution to the emotional abyss; it worsens the problem rather than alleviating the pain. Its touching story because it kinder narrates the kind of life my father went through after failing to pay for his mortgage. The Company responsible for the mortgage sold his house rendering homeless. He became alcoholic and drug addict, a hopeless and desperate move to drink away his sorrows. Later on, my parents extended a helping hand that enabled him to stand on his feet again and owned a house which is a mortgage free. Basing on this painful experience my uncle went through, I believe that grief brings sadness in life, but during such hard times, it is necessary to have a helping hand to get you through the pain. It takes a friend or a family member who is compassionate, understanding and trustworthy, the likes of Alan in the move and my parents, who are selfless to see you heal and stabilize in life. It is also necessary to let go the past events and mistakes since they interfere with the focus on the value of our lives. One can still do better from broken pieces once love reigns over again.

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