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Risk Management Applied to Project Development: A Case Study

text in Englishtext new page (beta)English (pdf) | Portuguese (pdf)Article in xml format How to cite this articleSciELO AnalyticsCurriculum ScienTIAutomatic translationIn...
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(1818 Words)

Learning English as a Second Language - Research Paper Example

AbstractThe acquisition of a second language is a complex process. Through scientific research, we have come to a better understanding of the processes that take place an...
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(1737 Words)

Observation and Analysis of Pronunciation Patterns and Word Usage - Paper Example

English is a vital channel for international communication. It is a far-spread language worth learning. Thus, the correct pronunciation of words is necessary as it provid...
4 Pages 
(870 Words)

Study on Reading and Milton Variations Language and Speech - Paper Example

Agreeably, the difference in demography between the new and old towns is evident. A study experimented amongst 32 adolescents indicate that the adolescents recited word l...
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(514 Words)

Teaching English to a Class of Young Learners: Lesson Plan Paper Example

This essay describes a lesson plan for a beginner English class for young learners. The class consists of ten learners of mixed gender; five girls and five boys. All lear...
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(1416 Words)

Article Review Example. Communication: Global Business Speaks English

In the article, global business speak English, Neely focuses on analyzing the importance of English language knowledge for business in the near future. The author uses va...
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(617 Words)

Paper Example on Implementing Communicative Language Teaching Methods

The need to use English language in communication has significantly increased around the globe. English is currently applied in the fields of education, technology, polit...
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Dissertation Methodology Example on Teaching English in Libya

In the education system, teachers play a fundamental role for the students because; they are a source of knowledge, information, and help them in idea creation in a parti...
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(1857 Words)

Using Authentic Texts to Improve the Understanding of Texts in English with First Year Students of Biology

ABSTRACTThe challenges of studying a subject in a second or third language can never be overestimated. Right from having problems with phonetics, to a lack of understandi...
9 Pages 
(2298 Words)

EFL Teachers and Students Perspectives on the Use of Arabic in Grades 11-12 English Language Classrooms in Oman

Data Analysis and interpretationOverviewThe previous chapter presented the methods and procedure used to collect the primary data for the current investigation. This sect...
6 Pages 
(1570 Words)