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Motivation Letter for Master's in Intellectual Property

The progress in technology and innovations have increased the need for protection of property rights. It is on this premise that I make an application to the University o...
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(472 Words)
2021-06-01 06:11:41

Essay Example on Creating and Implementing an Agency Policy on Ethics

Agency policy on ethics is the document responsible for providing guidelines on the professional conduct of the department, in this case, New York Police Department, in w...
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(1521 Words)
2021-06-01 16:53:10

Intellectual Property: Apple's Patent War Versus Samsung

The introduction of Apple's iPhones and iPads sent a strong signal to the Samsung Company. Apple and Samsung companies have been in a raw for sometimes, and it does not s...
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(1376 Words)
2021-06-04 04:19:47

Case Study Example: Brewer vs. William Case

In this court case, Robert William is the defendant while Brewer is the complainant. William was arraigned on a crime of abducting a 10-year girl after he runs away from...
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(1899 Words)
2021-06-05 19:11:59

Essay Sample on Search-and-seizure Situations

The evidence collected by Police Officer Adams in search-and-seizure situation number one should not be excluded in a court of law. According to the turn of events during...
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(549 Words)
2021-06-07 04:13:02

Articles Review on Gun Control

It is video clip about gun control called The Five from FOX News. In this source, anti- gun control and gun control thoughts clash. The conflicting ideas in this video a...
4 Pages 
(902 Words)
2021-06-07 04:49:39

Technology Advances in Cellular Biology: Criminal Forensic Techniques

As technology changes every aspect of our daily lives, it is true that finding solutions to crime has emerged to be futuristic in all its advances. Ranging from retinal s...
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(1162 Words)
2021-06-07 19:41:52
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Dissertation Example on Anti-Money Laundering

Money laundering refers to the process where an individual or organization hides the existence of an unlawful source or application of income by making it appear legal. I...
7 Pages 
(1797 Words)
2021-06-08 16:08:21

2017 Texas Legislative Session. Research Paper Sample.

The 85th Texas legislative session took place in January 2017, and many lawmakers participated in the session. It is during this legislative session that different bills...
7 Pages 
(1762 Words)
2021-06-08 21:55:49

Essay on Athenians Constitution and Sophism

In this paper, I will discuss the Athenian constitution together with sophism and its effects. The first section will focus on the Athenian constitution and the life of t...
8 Pages 
(1947 Words)
2021-06-09 02:16:50