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Analysis of the Article The Silence Is Broken

The Silence Is Broken: A History of the First Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Student Groups is an article by Brett Beemyn that looks at the rise of the earliest gay a...
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2021-06-15 03:56:10

Article Review on Fighting for Sexuality Rights by Gay Student Groups

The article creates an image of two gay student groups from University fighting for their sexual rights. The article more so traces the fight from 1969 where the first ga...
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(668 Words)
2021-06-15 15:30:43

Esay Example on How a Selected Form of Sexuality is Socially Organized

The modern world or rather the present days have made the aspect of sexuality more flexible in the sense that individuals are allowed to express their sexuality with resp...
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2021-06-19 01:20:43

Survey of Sexual Relationships. Essay Sample.

The transition that has been experienced by the information age are consistent in romantic or sexual relationships. To find out sexual relationships aspects have emerged,...
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2021-06-21 07:16:12

Essay Example on Love Bond by Nozick

Nozick asserts that sex is one of the most intense ways in which we relate to each other. Sexual excitement and arousal make the mind to concentrate a great deal. The exc...
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2021-06-25 18:58:44

Popular Cultures of Perception of Sexuality and Elderly. Essay Example.

In today's world, the number of aging and older people is increasing, and it is the administration's sense of duty to develop a suitable environment that the older people...
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2021-06-26 08:48:51

Essay Example: Child Pornography on the Internet

Child pornography is a form of sexual exploitation of children. The United States federal law defines it as any visual depiction of sexual activities that involves indivi...
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2021-06-26 21:12:22
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Reseach Paper of Margaret Mead's fieldwork in Samoa and Her Contributions to the Sexual Revolution

Margaret Mead (16th Dec 1901 15th Nov 1978), was a renowned anthropologist who was recognized for her role as an author as well as the speaker in the mass media between...
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(1285 Words)
2021-06-29 09:58:34

Women and Sexual Education - Research Paper Example

The sexual revolution, also referred to as the time of sexual liberation, was a period that marked the gradual doing away of typical gender roles. Stretching between the...
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(1476 Words)
2021-07-01 09:37:55

Preparing an Event on Unwanted Pregnancies: Evaluating Adult Learners

In my project, I will aim at creating awareness regarding the prevalence of unwanted pregnancies. The goal of the project is to instill a sense of responsibility among in...
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2021-07-01 12:02:47