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Many cultures consider sex important and respectable part of human life. In Christian perspective, Sex belongs to the married couples. Sex is a means for bond and for reproduction. However, sexual activities have gone beyond bedroom to the church, social media and church. The most outstanding concerns in the text regard the authenticity of human sexuality. Jack Balswick and Judith answered the issue regarding the authenticity of human sexuality from the biblical perspective. The authors utilized the theological, psychological, and sociological perspective in answering the concerns about human sexuality. The purpose of this essay is to give a summary of chapter 7& and eight of the book authentic human sexuality: An integrated Christian Approach.

Chapter 7 Sexual lives of Christian single adults

The chapters provide a discussion regarding sexual purity, cherish and choices that young adult makes. The author gives a biblical view of sexual purity, and the perspective of the early church. In the chapter, the authors express the challenges facing single Christian adults and undermine their desire to remain sexually pure. The author talked about sexual purity in the modern society. Single adults are enticed by Television programs, movies, and the book they read to lust. The young adults are faced with challenges involved in making decisions to remain sexually pure and aligned to the laws of God (Holland, 2001). The young adults face challenges of making choices not to be sexually active when they are in a dating relationship. It is evident in the text that young Christian adults find it difficult to remains sexually pure because of the influence in their environment. The authors talked about sexual orientations among the young adults. The perceptions of virginity and the diversity in backgrounds of the youths Christians compromise with their ability to stand and uphold purity in their lives. The topic of sexual purity and abstinence from sex is a war in the minds of the young adults. The teenagers are exposed to explicit dress codes, expose human anatomy, and therefore create sexual drive among the youth. Many Christian singles fall into the trap of sexual intercourse because of company and material they read about sex.

Chapter 8 premarital cohabiting

In chapter 8, the authors talk about premarital cohabiting in details. Single youths are forced to cohabit because of hard economic times. Cohabiting causes the youth to engage in sexual activities and result in unwanted pregnancies and sinning against the law of God. Christian singles of the opposite sex cohabiting is an offense in the sight of God and the believers. While reading the chapter, many questions come to mind whether it possible for Christian youth to remain sexually pure after cohabiting. There are concerns in the text about the causes of cohabiting for single Christina youths (Holland, 2001). It is apparent that Christian youths in romantic relationship engage in sexual activities when they cohabit.


The two chapters provide an understanding of sexual purity. Christian singles face many challenges overcoming temptations to sexual activities before marriage. Christian youths in a romantic relationship should not cohabit because they cannot resist the temptations to sex. Premarital cohabiting is wrong for Christina because it portrays an image of impurity. Many singles back slide and fail to fulfill the calling to sexual purity because the environment lures youths to sexual activities. There are diversities in perspective regarding sexual purity in youths. Christian youths live in an environment that seduces and lure youths to sexual activities.


Holland, J. B. (2001). Authentic Human Sexuality: An Integrated Christian Approach, Judith, and Jack Balswick.


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