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Brabender, Virginia, and Joni L Mihura. 2016. Handbook Of Gender And Sexuality In Psychological Assessment. New York: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.

The book gives an ample exposition of how matters as regards to sexuality and gender play a role in psychological assessments. In other words, the book provides a common ground on which sex- and gender-specific information can be used in delivering a more comprehensive psychological assessment. The book also takes into consideration case studies for backing up the impact of sexuality and gender on psychological assessment.

For the movie review, the book acted as an excellent source of placing the sexuality concepts conveyed in the film into their immediate historical context. Specifically, the book helped give the overview of how gender intertwines with sexuality and is associated with inequality and other forms of oppression on women. Therefore, the book provided background information on how gender led to the definition of sexuality in particular among the women in a world full of prostitution.

Hill, Craig A. 2008. Human Sexuality: Personality And Social Psychological Perspectives. Los Angeles: Sage.

Hill (2008) establishes the role of psychology in defining sexuality and thus explores the personality and social psychological perspectives of human sexuality. The book covers the major topics concerning human sexuality and relates them to the psychological theory. In its entirety, the book links real-life historical examples to the concept of sexuality and takes into account diversity and variety of resources to show the way sexuality has evolved since the ancient times and has shaped the current gender and gender roles as it evolves.

The book was found to be relevant for the review of the movie since it gives a good relation of human sexuality to the environment and places the concept of sexuality into the historical contexts that shape it. To be more specific, this book identifies a period where the concept of sexuality took a big turn. This turn is well placed within the period of the movie (1921) and is individually placed in relevance to the considered city of New York. The whole book especially chapter 3, enables one to link the occurrences in the movie with the historical era that is showcased especially when it comes to sexuality thus forming a suitable source for the movie review.

Peretti, Burton W. 2013. Nightclub City. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Perettis book was written with the intention of establishing the complicated interrelationship between the political (municipal) governance of New York City and the citys nightclub. Thus, the book intends to take the reader back in time to the times when sexuality had stopped to be a taboo. In this case, the aspects of prostitution are well outlined including how much they affected the policy making of the US.

The book was relevant to the movie review as it helped showcase the high prevalence of prostitution and the large number of men that ventured into being pimps. This was important since it was all related to the city depicted in the movie and most importantly to the historical period the movie falls into. In other words, the book enabled one to prove the occurrence of immorality and pervasion which led to the infuriation of the municipal government as it attempted to rebuild the old perception of sexuality that was built on decency and privacy.

Brian, DiPaolo. 2007. "Flappers." Issues & Controversies In American History, 1-11.

This article is about exploring the dawn of the flappers by answering the question, frivolous time wasters, or Americas new liberated women?. In this case, the article acknowledges that the 20th century, especially between 1900 and 1928, the women became more opinionated, drank and smoked a lot and flaunted their sexuality in surprising ways considering the period considered. It thus offers facts behind these transition in sexuality and its impact on the society.

In the movie review, the article acted as a reinforcing source of the fact that the definition of sexuality had completely changed in the period the movie was set to reflect. Specifically, the city of New York and the US were under pressure due to the dawn of the flappers as the morals degraded even more. Thus, the article helped stress the fact that sexual activities had become more open and shared in the US and thus was prostitution.

Clark, Shellie. 2016. "The Sexual Revolution Of The "Roaring Twenties": Practice Or Perception?". #History: A Journal Of Student Research 1 (7): 93-101.

Clark (2016) compiled the article based on research of how the sexual revolution did shape the perception of sexuality in the roaring twenties. In this case, the article illustrated how there was a radical shift in morality within the 1920s such that it is even hard to define the perception of sexuality in that period. Thus, the journal ventures into the main changes such as scanty dressing by women, liquor consumption and even advertisements that showcased half naked or even full naked women and how they impacted the decaying moral perception of sexuality.

For the review of the movie, the article played a role in establishing the major features that defined sexuality during the period that the movie was set to reflect. In this case, the article helped outline the practice and perception of the foul sexuality that occurred in the historical context of the movie. The themes of immorality and prostitution were well brought out in this resource.

Quinn, Mae C. 2005. "Revisiting Anna Moscowitzs Krosss Critique Of New York Citys Womens Court: The Continued Problem Of Solving The Problem Of Prostitution With Specialized Criminal Courts." Fordham Urban Law Journal 33 (2): 118.

The article was set to explore the judicial response towards the practice of prostitution within the New York City since the historical periods after World War I. In this case, the article expresses the magnitude to which the prostitution was a problem in New York City even as immigrants kept storming into the US. Specifically, the report outlines the struggle that the womens court and other specialized criminal courts have had to withstand in a bid to regulate the acts of prostitution.

To the movie review, this article enabled the communication of how much prostitution was a menace in the period of the setting of the movie. Additionally, the article helped stress on the much effort, including the arrest of the prostitutes, which the government had to invest to tackle the spread of immorality (prostitution). Finally, it showed how different laws and policies were set up to reduce the incidences of prostitution and other sexual immorality.


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