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Nozick asserts that sex is one of the most intense ways in which we relate to each other. Sexual excitement and arousal make the mind to concentrate a great deal. The excitement that a person gets from sex is akin to the excitement a person gets from a closely matched athletic contest (Nozick 61). It is only in sex that excitement is shared by both the object and cause of the excitement. Sexual excitement is most pegged on the connection that people feel for each other during sexual intercourse. Sexual excitement is interpersonal, and it is linked with attitudes and views that people have for each other. How a person is touched and how the person who is touched feels plays a major role in fuelling sexual excitement (Nozick 62). An individuals most minute motions such as the slow progress of fingertips and brushing of hair play a major role in arousing sexual excitement. The motions make a person start thinking about what is likely to happen next. During sexual intercourse, profound emotions are expressed and awakened. Human beings make themselves vulnerable during sexual intercourse by allowing other people to guide them as they follow. During sexual intercourse, trust is involved when people allow other people to get to know and understand them better (Nozick 63). During sex, human beings strongest emotions are expressed. The strong emotions always bring about other strong emotions, leading to sexual excitement. During sex, individuals see their sex partners primitive and strong emotions being expressed. During sex, a persons vulnerabilities can easily be known. During sex, a person can know his or herself more deeply and better A person gets to know what he or she is capable of when it comes to matters such as intimacy, aggression, love, vulnerability, pleasure, dominion, joy, and playfulness. There is no limit on what a person can learn about his or her sexual partner during sexual intercourse. The only limit during sexual intercourse could be the sexual partners creativity and responsiveness during sex (Nozick 64). There are always new depths and surfaces that can be explored by sexual partners to make sexual intercourse more exciting. Individuals need to experiment more if they want their sex life to be more exciting. People have to learn to know what excites their sexual partners. Learning what excites your sex partner is important because one will be able to play with variations of what excites their sex partner. Intelligence plays a major role in a person being an exciting sexual partner. Fresh experimentation a person can bypass predictable pleasures and therefore, becoming an exciting sexual partner. Openness, creativity, and intelligence play a major role in making a person an exciting sexual partner (Nozick 65).

Sex is a mode of communication and can be used to communicate messages that words cannot. During sex, people usually unconsciously do to their sex partners what they would want their sexual partners to do unto them. Sexual partners are often engaged in dialogue, a dialogue where they respond to each others body motions. During intimacy, people often let other people within boundaries that they normally maintain around themselves. The boundaries are often marked with monitoring, public defenses, and self-control. There is nothing that is more intimate than showing another person what we have learned to hide (Nozick 64).

There is always conflict when it comes to a person desire for sexual excitement and the need for a person to know his or her sexual partner better. A rush to get sexually excited is likely to deter a person from knowing his or her sexual partner better. A rush to get sexually excited is likely to get in the way of a person opening up to his or her sexual partner. Pleasing another person sexually often feels like an accomplishment when it is initially viewed as an insurmountable challenge. The success of orgasm is pegged on its timing. Orgasm is a connection to a ones sexual partner (Nozick 65). Knowing a partners body and meditating on special energies from your partners body without rushing plays a major role in sending a statement to your partner about the affection that you have for him or her (Novick 66).

According to Nozick (1989), love encompasses romantic love, love that a parent has for his child, love that a person has for his country and so forth. When it comes to love, a persons well-being is often tied to something or someone that a person loves. Where there is a lack of love, changes in the well-being of a person does not change your well being. A person who is infatuated always thinks about the person that he or she is infatuated about. When a person is infatuated, other responsibilities and concerns become secondary (Novick 68). People who are in love always try their best to ensure that they make unilateral decisions. The term couple is used to describe individuals who have formed a we that is not accidental. Being we means that people should have a new and additional identity. Each party in we has to be psychologically part of the new identity (Novick 73). Its only a person who possesses a subservient autonomy who can be an apt partner in a new identity that both enhances and enlarges an individual identity (Novick 74).

I disagree with Nozick(1989) that there is no limit that people can learn from their partners during sexual intercourse. When it comes to sex, most human beings are limited with how to make sexual intercourse more exciting and interesting. Most of the time, sexual partners reach a point where they cease to learn new things about their sexual partners. Boredom and laziness are two factors that play major roles in making sexual partners not to continuously learn about each other. I disagree with Nozick that sexual intercourse is often associated with intimacy. There are individuals who engage in sex with other people without showing affection or intimacy to the people they engage sexually with. For instance, there are people who when they have sex with sex-workers, they do not display intimacy to the sex workers. On the other side, sex workers are also known for not showing their vulnerabilities when they engage in sexual intercourse.

I agree with Nozick that understanding your sexual partners body plays a major role in enhancing intimacy. Rushing with regard to sexual experience is a major turn off for many individuals. Many relationships have crumbled because of rushing when it comes to sexual intercourse. Sexual relationships that are fulfilling are ones where individuals take their time to understand their sexual partners desires with regard to sex followed by the individuals doing their best to ensure that they satisfy their partners sexual desires and needs.

I do agree with the writer that when a person is infatuated, he or she becomes too much absorbed with the other person to the extent that other issues in life become secondary and inconsequential.

I do agree that people who are in a love relationship ought to have a new and additional identity. Being in a relationship means that a person has to stop viewing himself or herself as an individual; the person has to see himself as part of we. I agree that for a relationship to work, partners in love should be selfless and have the same focus on where the relationship should lead them.


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