Request for Help for Kenyan Orphans and Poor Youths

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Humanity for Orphans and Poor Youth (HOPY) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2015, and since then it has been working towards improving the general livelihood for the Kenyan orphans and poor youths. Our purpose as an organization is to ensure that we combined efforts and resources with other stakeholders to improve the living conditions of orphans and the poor youths from Kenya. I came up with this organization after my first visit to Africa particularly a country called Kenya in 2014. My trip to Kenya was because I wanted to see various wildlife species and experience the Kenyan culture. However, what I saw in Nairobi (the Kenyan capital) broke my heart. There were a lot of street children roaming all over and even worst some of them didnt have clothes and seemed to be looking for food in the garbage bins. As we drove on, I could see them in nearly every corner of the city; this forced me to ask my driver (who was a Kenyan) about this kids. What he said exactly is that those kids were either orphans or children from low-income families.

When my driver told me that they were most probably orphans and poor youths, I could not believe my eyes. What I responded to him is is there no one to help them? and he said, Nothing has been done so far. After my visit to Kenya, I vowed to start an organization to help these kids have better lives through education. I know that education is a powerful tool you can give to someone and since they are kids with the proper education they can grow to be better people in the future. Though this education, they will be able to get decent jobs and even live in better neighborhoods. However, this course is not a simple task it requires a lot of money to feed these kids and send them to school.

So today we have decided to turn to you the members of the public and to all those people whom we have a common interest, to help us assist these kids from Kenya. As an organization we do not have the capacity to support all these street kids, we require some monetary support from you the members of the public. Through your support, we will able to feed these kids and send them to school. Your donation we will be gladly appreciated, if you cannot do money, you can also volunteer in supporting them with food, education or even providing medication to those who are injured.

Kenyan orphans and poor youths are the most vulnerable group in Africa nowadays. In fact, it is approximated that there are thousands of orphans right now in the country and their population is growing. Many of them are living in the streets, and even worse they cant afford to feed themselves. They are suffering while we live normal lives. If we cannot help them, then what is humanity for, at least there must be someone out there who is willing to help these kids get good lives. The suffering these kids pass through will only end if we join hands and help them get the basic amenities they require.

Here at HOPY, our hands are open; we are inviting everyone to come and support us in our course of helping these kids. We can make a huge impact on these childrens lives if we all pull together. That is why we should stand as a family and show some love to all these Kenyan poor youths and orphans by helping them.


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