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The differences in a generation have always sparked lots of sharp differences among people of different cohorts in the general population with clear distinction existing between the baby boomers and the Y generation. These two cohorts have always differed in literally almost everything. The difference in the manner in which these two groups handle relationship issues is one of the most distinct and noticeable difference. Accusations and counter-accusations have always been observed between these two groups with regards to issues of immorality and temperance in the relationship issues. The battle of conflict between these two generations regarding how to handle relationship matters form the foundation of my Epiphany.

The generation y has always been accused of being reckless and in great need of the instant gratitude in their relationship. This is directly opposite of what the baby boomers deed during their youthful days. The baby boomers often complain that the children they brought up have not lived up to standards they had in the old days. The reasons behind this want for instant gratitude and an explanation about who failed, whether it is the parents or their children would form part of the article that would be presented in the Times Magazine. The need for answers with regards to this matter was a great inspiration behind the compilation of this epiphany.

Moreover, the experience I had while studying at the University is one of the critical events that lead to this epiphany. The university currently has the largest concentration of youths in one particular location. In the campus experience, my interaction with fellow young people gave me incites to why sometimes the youth behave the way they do in the relationships. One of the most important matters of concern was the use of drugs. Unknown to the parents, the majority of their sons and daughters frequently abuse drugs without their knowledge. However, what is the impact of the misuse of drugs to the relationships of the young generation? a deep analysis of this matter would be clearly and succinctly discussed in the article. The generation y is comprised of people with a culture built on drugs and bad behavior, the impact of the culture in relationships would be useful towards finding a solution to the issues they have in their relationships.

Finally, the impact of the nature of life we live was also important toward the realization of the need to come up with this epiphany. The fight for the scarce resources in life has in a way planted the spirit of survival for the fightest in the heart of most of the young people in the entire globe. The article would explore the interaction of the nature of life with relationship issues. In order to give a clue, the struggle for existence spirit has made most young people rush into getting into relationships. Majority of these people are immature to handle matters of the heart. Therefore the article would give a better understanding of this topic.

In conclusion, the epiphany has been written has long periods of thoughts and series of experiences, most of which are considered eye-opening. Probably, an understanding of this topic would prove useful to the parents who are always desperately looking for ways of making their children have the best societal behaviors. Having the article in the magazine would not only be pleasureble to readers but will also give them solutions to the problems of parenting they face.

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