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Banksy, an anonymous artist from England who is a famous artist and a political analyst, is well-known for his arts of work of graffiti and director at unverified identity. In his art, he displays subversive epigrams in a satirical manner while combining graffiti with dark humor which is executed in stenciling technique. Banksy art has been featured on the streets, bridges, and walls of cities across the world. They do not sell photographs, but rather they communicate political ideologies and human interactions and behavior through graffiti on the visible surfaces and more specifically on the walls and prop pieces. Despite the fact that a hip-hop culture surrounds Banksy's graffiti, his art of work has a significant influence on the world since it communicates viable information about human interactions and political life of the people (Salib, 16). This article is going to make an analysis of Banksy's images to come up with a clear meaning and aim of his street graffiti art.

Banksy's art that displayed the message "one nation under CCTV" revealed that the message was directing people's thoughts to work and message of Banksy. The message can be well understood by a lay-person since it requires little decoding.

Banksy's messages in the above message on the wall were intended to remunerate the audience when the work on the wall was unlocked. In close consideration of the aim and intended meaning of the art on the wall which is also displayed with CCTV around the wall which is covered by Banksy's graffiti message, it becomes complicated to shrug off the feeling of condemnation that is embodied in the attitude. Banksy's art of work in the art shows that he plays a game of completing a jig-saw puzzle or a complete-the-dots game. In the art, he tries to communicate the reality of life since the current society has got so many traps and most political ideologies are in the form of the kind of art that Banksy displays on the wall that a CCTV is placed. It is evident that he makes his art of work so as people to organize their thoughts so as to come up with a clear meaning of his work. In this piece of art, Banksy does not provide a way to live, but rather he offers an escape from reality to people by use of a game of puzzles.

Also, He mixes standard ideas that are often the social life of people, political and the social, political appeal that has some visual flare that skirts the reality edges.

In an art called soldier painting peace, Banksy was trying to communicate that the soldiers were involved in violating the rights of the demonstrating groups in the nation. It is a stenciled anti-war art that displays two soldiers showing peace on a given wall that was famous in the city (Joh, 9). It was displayed just around the neighborhoods of the house of parliament that was said to be supporting the violation of the law against the protest of individuals within a given restricted area that was a certain distance from the building. Why are the two armed soldiers looking around as if they are sensing some danger? It shows that it there is no peace between the soldiers and the demonstrating or rioting groups since the soldiers decide to paint a call for peace while yet they keep holding guns in combat gear (Salib, 16). There is a soldier with a weapon in a manner that he seems to cover the other soldier holding a brush that is dipped in a red paint showing that the shading of blood was put to an end.

In analyzing the art, it is seen that there is satire in the art since Banksy repudiates the repression of the people's freedom of speech which takes place during the war times of a nation while struggling to maintain the consensus appearance. It is a satire in the art since the soldiers are armed but still have fear from the ordinary people. It shows that repression occurs in a society in both physical and intellectual level. It also displays that the justification for war that is to enhance democracy and liberty is so ironic by the view of the soldiers' anxiety while yet in a combat gear.

Banksy's art on looting soldiers

Banksy was so much into speculating the government's critical sections and its silly mistakes. He is seen to have had a great interest in unmasking the government's officials and sensitive sectors in areas of political unrest and trouble. In the above art, he criticizes the government's war and ways of securing people in the society during an insecurity siege. In the art, he displays that the graffiti is commemorating the Hurricane Katrina anniversary by use of some powerful images (Cecchini, 17). The image makes people remember how looting was done by the soldiers while rescuing people from the disaster. By placing the graffiti in the public place, Banksy was risking his life by insinuating that the media was not a point to blame since what it communicated about the looting that happened during the time by the soldiers was true. The looting practice that is shown by Banksy indicates that the government is slow at executing a remedy to a given disaster affecting people but rather the same guards who are supposed to secure the society are the perpetrators of theft and looting. The graffiti is a display of real acts of soldiers who participate in an unscrupulous behavior of looting that is against the code of ethics of any security agents. The blames of media for the said exaggeration is a way that the government tries to cover up its security personnel to avoid the blame from the society (Joh, 10).

Mobile lovers by Banksy

Regarding the art, He shows the effect that smartphones have done in relationships. Banksy reveals that it has been a common trend in the society for people to use their smartphones to chat and converse with other mobile lovers even though they are in a one-on-one relationship with their partners. The piece shows two lovers who are so much into their phones indicating the irony of the today's love. Mobile enthusiasts have substantially trended in the society, and it is seen that it has been an erosion of the culture ever since the advancement of technology through social media came up. He tries to show that social media and the connectedness of people on social media has made the society to be affected by the effect of multiple relationships.

In conclusion, Banksy's art of work was in line with the irony of the society, the government and the kind of social life that people carry on in the community. In his art of work, He allowed people to make connections between the art and graffiti he made which needs some insight and connections into what happens in the society. The aim of Banksy in his pieces of art was to open up the minds of the society so as to realize the lameness that is evident in the current lives of people that surround the social and political lives of the people.

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