Patient Encounter - Woman Suffering from Depression

2021-07-01 14:06:05
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In less than three cases I have encountered women suffering from depression as a result of injuries they received from their lovers. During my encounter the patient was a mother of two young children and she was barely in her late 20s. The patient by the name Jane had been admitted with secondary degree burns after her husband of three years sprinkled acid on her hands after going out with her friends without informing her. The patient was distraught mentally and in pain from her hands. However, in the hospital manifest the patient had reported that she received the acid burns after accidentally mistaking an acidic liquid for water. After inquiring further the patient revealed that it was not an accident but her husband had done it intentionally to punish her for going out with her friends when he was not around. Further, she revealed that he had beaten her up severally before but she cannot report him because he is the bread winner in the house and he always threatens her that he will take the children from her.

Strategies taken to advocate for the patient

Most nurses are reluctant in this case and leave the matter to social services agents. However, it is important for nurses to intervene when these patients are under there care and ensure that these patients issues and privacy is protected. After assessing her to assess whether there were any other injuries I was able to talk to her on the importance of reporting the actions of her husband for his actions and referring to the patient on organizations and government agencies that can help secure her children from her abusive husband and the danger of keeping quiet regarding her ordeal to her children and herself. Talking to Jane and referring her to judicial officers and organizations that can provide her support both financially and shelter for her children before she can be able to secure a job relieved her depression.

Considered legal and ethical implications when providing care for patients this specific situation

Legal and ethical considerations are important to ensure that the patient only uses legal channels to deal with the matter and following up the situation to ensure that she gets justice. The ethical consideration assessed is the need to provide financial support for the mother and also maintain privacy regarding her ordeal to protect her further from depression (Vinay et al., 2016).



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