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Single parenting and poverty have been major factors that affect families in the last two decades. Studies reveal that since 1990 the number of single families have been on the rise which calls for serious intervention and questions on marriage. While these families have been lonely either by missing a father or mother, the major issue is the rate of poverty, especially in families that lack fathers. According to study conducted by several authors, mother-families are more likely to be very poor as a result of lower earning capacity of women, child care subsidies, and lack of support from nonresidential fathers. This paper, therefore, aims at developing a case study of a single mother in poverty focusing on areas of parenting issues, biological and psychological development not only to the parent but also to the children, medical and psychiatric history of the mother, family members, and her social situation. The paper will comprehensively look at the psychological stressors associated with poverty and single parenting.

Stacy is a mother of two children, a girl and a boy whose ages are 14 and 11 respectively. Having been married for 15 years, she has been experiencing marital issues which include infidelity and battering from her husband. She is a Christian who believes so much in marriage and tried very hard for hers to be successful. Being an honest, hardworking, and God fearing mother, she has employed all mechanisms that are necessary for the marriage to work, but all have failed. In that regard, she prioritized the development of her children hence decided to quit the relationship 6 years ago despite the fact that she had no well-paying job that could sufficiently feed the children. In most cases, mothers put the interest of their children first thus can do anything humanly possible to ensure that their do not lack anything.

Born in a family of four siblings, Stacy has not heard an opportunity to get a good job despite graduating with a diploma in food science and technology. Due to family wrangles, she has not got any assistance from her sisters who believe that she was given the best opportunity to go to school and did not succeed. As such, family disagreement is one of the issues that has affected the system of their family. However, her mother, a teacher, has been very instrumental to her by providing financial assistance to feed herself and the children. While her neighbors have had little effects, one of them has been calling her occasionally for house cleaning that has significantly contributed to her daily means of getting food. Kate, a friend, got her a job three years ago; however, this did not last more than six months. Stacy is living in congested neighborhood that is at high risk of certain diseases such cholera due to dirtiness. As a result of depression, she is antisocial and has a few click of friends which would have been helpful in such difficult times.

Stacy s sociological situation is wanting since her frustrated state prevents her from associating with other people. Also, the fact that she does not have enough money and a well-paying job minimizes her chances to have potential friends who can assist her not only financially but also psychologically. Her past relationship has forced her not to enter in any other relationship since she is afraid of going through the same ordeal that she underwent with her husband. She says she hates men with passion and all her efforts are on her two children who she wants to give the best education and up bring them just like any other kids who enjoy both parental support. Ideally, due to stress, she has been diagnosed with depression, and she is currently undergoing medical therapy.

The major psychological stressor of Stacy is that she cannot bring her children with a father-figure in them. Particularly, the boy needs a father who can instill in him masculine characteristics as he grows. Another stressor is abuse that she experienced while living with the husband. Thinking of wealth which they made together, Stacy wishes that he would have not gotten married to this kind of a person. As such, she lives to regret her whole life and states that she is currently living because of her children.

In conclusion, Stacy is mother of two who is currently living without her husband due to domestic abuse that forced her to walk away from the marriage. Despite going to school and graduating with diploma in food science and technology, she has not gotten a good job that can feed her and the children. Currently, she lives in poverty at the same time struggling to educate her kids by working as a house help in the neighborhood. The family has agreement issues and only her mother can come for her financial assistance. She is depressed and currently undergoing medication. According to her, her major reason for living is because she wants to ensure her children get the best out of the worst.

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