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Assignment 13

Schools have encouraged their students and staff to be a part of something. There have been significant reasons for attaining this goal. For instance, involvement is the best way out of developing relationships amongst students. It further assists in creating an element of the community for oneself and other people. The ability to participate in groups offers the chance for an individual to fully understand the group of classmates and faculty members. It is crucial for pursuing some interests and learning about the need to celebrate certain cultures and religion.

Involvement offers you the chances for attending and planning social and also educational programs for groups and the whole student body. Other groups would also provide an opportunity for bringing service to the entire school. The school management hopes that the available groups would excite new students who are expected to join these groups. However, newer clubs can be formed with the help of the student activities office. Those who have been involved in clubs, societies and organizations have agreed that it offers them a huge difference by having a different kind of attitude towards their school. It allows someone a chance to attain a wholesome college experience.

Assignment 14

The social ventures present can be structured in different forms. They may be sole proprietorships, profit-making firms, youth groups or even NGOs. Parastatals may not be seen as social ventures, yet these organizations can also choose to adopt the basic entrepreneurial practices. They may partner with other independent firms to conduct the exploration of their innovative methods necessary for offering social kind of services. The government slides the responsibility given to it for the social type of issues that would seek for social enterprises. Education on its hands to is complete with the core tasks assigned to it that would not be tackled marginally while shrugging the civil society. Schools develop into social enterprises which the sole aim of avoiding social issues.

Schools that have disadvantaged kind of pupils may merely be considered as the social kind of education that they send. School development into social enterprises has since been the umpteenth hype needed in the educational world. Elkington and Hartigan have defined different social ventures. They include the leveraged non-profit-making, hybrid non-profit-making and social kind of business. The leveraged non-profit-generating utilizes the outside partners to financially support in offering public good. The hybrid non-profit-generating venture tries to recover the portion of the cost by way of making sales from its products and even services. Social business ventures seek to generate profit but not return these kinds of profits to the owners who include commercial ventures. They then reinvest the profits that they have made to promote their social ventures and the yielding social benefits.

The only distinction of social ventures and commercial ventures is that primacy involved in their aim of solving social issues and offering social benefits. Schools as social ventures may make profits, but that is not its main focus. The profits made are possibly using attaining sustainability to offer social benefits. Classes are very important in addressing the social ventures covered by the range of social kind of issues such as poverty, inequalities, educational environment and economic growth. The context that renders social ventures is quite complex in that they seek to introduce solutions to the areas in which the society and the government may have little or no success in solving problems. Additionally, such ventures attempt to offer solutions in areas where money is not a key factor and may be very short or reduced in supply. Such ventures usually depict little kind of assurances when their services fail to be paid by the people they seek to serve. In many cases, these people are the students, but their parents are the ones to pay their fees for the services they get while in school. Such conditions would necessitate the social entrepreneur to be quite innovative, adaptable and focused to get newer solutions to social troubles.

Assignment 15

Teaching takes a person into a world of distinct values to that of business and profit. This may not be the criticism made on who would come up with the right careers demanded by the corporate and business world. Teachers who are in most cases groups may fail to measure up to that which they have been given for their billable hours. Teachers tend to work with their students at their time which may be extra hours needed daily. In most cases, this is seen in areas such as sports, drama clubs, and debates and in preparing these students to offer their projects for science, art or technological competitions. In some cases, the good work rendered by these teachers may not be remunerated fully. This does not make them teachers to resent to this fact amazingly. This has been quite a long-history culture in the field of education.

The commitment has spilled out invariably into communities in which the teachers would be the first ones to be involved in development resources for serving the community. These areas would include sports, parishes or just any other local area actions. It has since been quite a short journey seen in the communal actions right into the political world. It is not surprising that a considerable number of teachers may end up in very prominent positions in the government. The teachers tend to be involved in politics since they are quite passionate of utilizing the skills they have to bring in a huge difference in peoples lives whom they work on their behalf. If two former teachers would face themselves in political chambers is not an event that one would sneer at. Nobody should be heard trying to imply that which teachers seem to know or understand to run an economy or the society. The availability of teachers in the highest possible ranks of their political life is a great reflection of the real occurrence that the teachers have been bred and drawn to the public service. Politics has continuously been a very noble profession. Politics has made human beings to exercise caution on their communities and attempt to create some sense in the crazy world that we live.

Anyone who attempts to disparage a teacher politically merely by what they may understand in the real world has significantly missed the point. Teachers have repeatedly been challenged in their lives to help younger minds who have to grow and develop fully. They are the ones who try to mold these minds in ways that are needed by the world which we lived in to be better caring and placed even more than it was when teachers assumed the baton from other preceding generations. These professionals do teach not because they have the right skills to even hack the real world problems but since they have positioned themselves into tackling the challenges that are based on different kinds of value systems that operate in both commercial and business world. The presence of politics and exercise of power have called for the need to show every perspective needed for decision making that is properly founded. Despite the fact of getting right from the negative sense, the availability of teachers at the topmost in the political world has had a consequence to the people. This privacy has extended to the ballot boxes where people would freely choose to position them there. Anyone who attempts to mock a former teacher who currently has a position of power and even influence need a reflection on the principle that people get the exact politicians that they want. These are those who would directly reflect the values and also the interests of the society. Teachers perfectly fit these positions.

Assignment 16

To capture a classic group photograph that is the correct balance and properly formatted, one would need to have the right experience and even training. Some photographers have been in business for long decades that make them large enough regarding their performance into the art of photography. The ability to capture these special images be it groups of twenty or more imply that no person who has the right experience would be the best group photographer. To capture images alone is a part of the job but the desire to bring higher quality images would necessitate someone to print them in a state of the art lab. This is seen in the schools choice to get the right format needed for a highly advanced process. Some photographers are very accommodating, helpful and very patient.

The best photographers and companies get approached severally during the month by their clients want them to assume the school photography jobs. On a yearly basis, the clients are reassured that they may not have more than that which they needed to advance themselves. Professional photographers are seen through their form of presentation and even service they offer. They are outstanding in their jobs, very flexible and patient too. Placing request orders to them is not something so difficult. The end product that they offer is quality. A pleased client would retain their photographer for several years or even decades. A contracted photographer must be cautious in handling the students and the staff of the school. They must also produce and supply the entire school community with the right kind of value and quality. In the event of inquiries back in their offices, their office staff should simply be fantastic-looking and able to offer the best after sales kind of services. Client company relationship is something of the greatest possible value that everyone looks forward to attaining. Great photographers are great people to work with over and over again.

Assignment 17

A myriad of studies relating to scientific teaching and also learning in the previous two decades have been conducted to prompt the designing and developing of newer frameworks. These frameworks work towards improving the scientific literacy quality for each student. It assists in incorporating the coexistence of different learning dimensions. These include scientific practices, core ideas and also cross-cutting kind of concepts. However, there has been much significance laid on the learning dimensions that are important for the research work and the analysis needed for the learning materials which are minimal enough. This research focuses on the dimension of scientific practices. This study tries to analyze the scientific textbook that urges people to inquire and even discover the packages available for them. Scientific method does not coincide at all with the terms of practical skills due to their functioning in scientific researches needed for harnessing skills and special kind of knowledge and experiences. The analysis has been done to find out the grid which has been structured for scientific goals as quite conceptual categories. Scientific practices tend to depict newer kinds of frameworks that may not be very evident in the content of textbooks and other equally important scientific practices that get into different analysis units. Textbooks have since been quite satisfactory regarding their alignment with newer scientific frameworks and learning needed to find even the wrong impacts of scientific literacy important for students.

The major procedures utilized include the scientific produce models, their studies, and construction theories that may relate to the whole world in line with their references and scientific practices. An individual may argue that scientific practices would be identified with the investigative skills but the regulatory bodies believe that they have different scientific solutions that may combine their research skills for the sake of knowledge. This is seen where scientific practices have utilized mathematics and computations in areas that ne...

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