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The descriptive process of teaching for both parents and teachers focuses on the process of learning rather than other aspects such as syllabus, or resources within a is associated with a measure of observation over the process of learning. This allows proper documentation of the progress of children, and this is important for keeping the classroom as a moving force. In the descriptive process, the educators are expected to be keen and observe the directions of the experiences children are having and using this knowledge to tailor-make their school and personal development. The descriptive process allows the development of a personalized form of learning capable of meeting the individual needs of students in school. The process encourages teachers and process to adopt a stronger observational approach to their children rather than force children to conform to systems of education that do not maximize their capabilities, the process, puts more focus on the children themselves. The observational process allows both teachers and parents to take note of the processes of learning and how the children experience them. Every experience gained by a child provides the opportunity for a moving force, and this is an opportunity for positive development for children. It explores the process of change about the experiences of children in the class. The obligation of observation is also paced on both parents and teachers because they are closest to the children and are best placed to monitor the growth and development of children.

The descriptive approaches are based on inquiry process that explores the individual strengths and weaknesses of every child. In the perspective of a classroom setting the teachers need to develop specific assessments of each child based on their moving forces and developing measures that would personalize their learning and school experiences based on their capabilities. For teachers, the descriptive process provides many benefits. First of all, it makes it easy for them to achieve their goals and objectives as teachers. It becomes easier to develop children socially and most of all academically. This is because the teachers get a good understanding of their students, and thus they become more capable of meeting their social and educational needs. The ability to understand how children perceive their experiences is very important. Experiences result to action and the response to these experiences can either be positive or negative.

According to the letter to parents emphasizes on the aspect of reviewing children. This means thinking about them from time to time with the aim of assessing their development process. It is associated with a deepened recognition of children and how they respond to experiences in their lives. Some of the factors to experience include the gestures and physical presence. This is associated with the immediate communication used by children and most importantly how they use it. The other aspect is their disposition as well as their temperament. Another aspect is their connection with other people, and this explores their ability to socialize and relate to other people. The other factor is observing their preferences and interests. The other aspect is their learning process as well as the mode of thinking. These are some of the factors that parents need to review their children.

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