Course Work Example: An Interview with a Preschool Teacher

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What is your current role?

Currently, I am a preschool teacher, which is a level higher than that of a teacher teaching at the kindergarten.

How long have you worked in the field of early childhood education?

I have worked in the field for the last ten years counting the years I started as an assistant teacher.

What educational background do you need to be considered for your position?

One requires academic qualifications to be certified as a preschool teacher. One needs to earn a high school diploma, work with children for some time before proceeding to earn a degree in ECD. Later the certification follows and one has to maintain the certification.

What competencies or job-related skills are necessary for your job?

Basically, one needs the certification and the ability to work with children. However, depending on the institution one gets employed there might be additional requirements such as a minimum requirement of a bachelors degree hence barring those with an associates degrees.

Can you describe a typical day on the job?

Interacting with children and solving differences that arise among them. Additionally, one gets to answer so many questions the children ask. One needs to be patient and understanding since children are not the same, some are fast in grasping ideas others are slow but you have to find a solution to accommodate both.

What kind of professional development are you required to complete?

A person needs to pursue a course related to ECD and get certified.

How do you get families involved?

There are days set aside for families to interact with their children at the school. Additionally, the children get homework and I request the parents to assist their children in solving them hence they get to interact.

What do you believe are the most important traits or dispositions for someone who is seeking a professional career in early childhood education?

Someone who loves children and is not short tempered. Children can be mischievous at times but one requires taking decisive steps to ensure such mischief does not reoccur.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy seeing children grow to be responsible adults in the society. Moreover, working with children gives me some peace of mind; you get to enjoy the good things life has to offer.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started your career in early childhood education?

Children are different, not all children will give you some peace of mind. Moreover, there are laws that govern children and one reckless mistake can send one behind bars. As a professional, one needs to understand and apply the right measures to ensure all children benefit from what they learn.

How do you see the field of early childhood education growing or changing?

The government is introducing better and easier syllabuses for the children and funds are available making all children receive the same education irrespective of their social status; something I thank the government for. In the near future, all children will have access to education.

What advice would you give someone who is just getting started in this field?

Patience pays, the first times may be difficult and you might want to give up but in no time you get to learn to play the strings and everything falls into place.


When conducting the interview I was excited. The excitement was a result of the milestone I was making; people would get to understand what preschool teachers go through on a daily basis and learn to respect their work. At times parents are furious when their child is disciplined and they subject the teacher or the school to endless litigations yet the child was wrong and the punishment was warranted. Working in the early childhood education field is a profession people should venture into more. The field is a pathway to the betterment of the next generations. Leaders, engineers, doctors, and other professionals are nurtured by ECD teachers.


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