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The issue of whether to go to college after high school or to go to work has been a challenge to most individuals graduating from high school. This problem has come to existence since because most of the graduates are yet immature and do not reason rationally. Some of these graduates chose to start working immediately to end their age of dependence on parents. This argument may be very right but taking into consideration the benefit associated with going to college, this is a poor decision which one may regret later in his or her lifetime. College poses an advantage as one gains a tremendous social experience through interaction, an upper hand regarding the starting out salary and through communication with the college teachers, one may develop additional skills. The three listed benefits are among the benefits of attending college.

Attending college poses the advantage of a better starting salary which when compared to individuals who work after high school is significantly low. Graduates from college tend to be paid more as their starting out salary as they are equipped with skills which when employed to an organization bring advantages. Employers pay college graduates more compared to high school graduates as this individual has specialized in a specific field in which they produce the best output. Payment is directly associated with the ability to show mastery in a particular area and a per a high school graduate; they pose no proficiency, and this results in these individuals working for the very long duration before receiving high remuneration. Apart from the high stating out salary, another advantage associated with working after college is having job security which is not the case for individuals who chose to work after high school.

Individuals who work after high school are faced with the challenge of retrenchment and job insecurity. These threats arise from the fact that individuals who chose to work after high school lack specialization and required mastery in case changes occur in their working areas. It has been recorded that individuals who decided to work do not work for long due to occurring changes in the field of production, manufacturing and even processing. Job insecurity has been associated with depression and stress as one is never sure of how long she or he will be working. This disadvantage has led to regrets and a lot of misery and sorrows. These disappointments are the reason as to why we find individuals attending college at old ages.

Under our subject of argument, attending college has posed an advantage regarding social development. Social development in college arises due to interactions with individuals in the same career and thus creating allies and co-workers. College life calls for interaction with new people who come from all aspect of life and different localities and thus preparing one for life after college. On the other hand, for individuals who work after high school after high school lack this opportunity to develop socially. Due lack of social interaction, it has been recorded that individual who work after high school are faced with social challenges and have inferior relation with the fellow workers and even their managers. This weak interaction and relation problems at the workplace have led to retrenchment and probations. Social development in college also arises from interaction with people from different cultures, states, and even different countries. Communication with individuals from different cultures and regions has given college students an advantage which comes into existence when they start working. This interaction has led to college graduates possessing the ability to efficiently work in a different location which is even characterized by various cultural practices. On the other hand, individuals who work after high school show vulnerability when working in a locality other than those in which they are raised. This vulnerability has posed a disadvantage to these individuals and by which frustrations arise due to problems in the workplace.

College education involves training and development of skills. These training and development include receiving guidance from the experienced teachers. College teachers help their student to develop and acquire skills which are necessary for their fields such as communication and interaction. The ability of communication specifically to an individual's area is essential as the connection is very vital in the workplace. Compared to individuals who choose to work after high school, individuals who go to college are far better off regarding professional and development skills. Individuals who fail to attend college lock themselves out of this opportunity to acquire essential life skill which lead to marketability and efficiency at workplace.

An addition development skill which is acquired in college involves leadership. With this ability, one can work as a leader in any given organization or field of life. Leadership is essential as it comes with additional benefits. Individuals who pose this skill prove are very much advantage as they can work as good managers in an organization. On the other hand, individuals who chose to work after high school are confined to forever work as junior staffs. Their chances of promotion are very minimal, and even if they are awarded a development, it is likely to be declined due to their inability to perform as per the requirement of that post. Individuals who start working after high school are forever condemned to low state jobs as subordinate staff and jobs that involve using physical strength.

It has been noted that the need to end the era of dependency on parents has led most teenagers to choose to work after high school. This decision has led to regrets as these jobs are not guaranteed due to poor relations recorded by this individuals. On the other hand, attending college has posted very many advantages to individuals. Some of these benefits include acquiring professional skills and development skills, undergoing change due to social development which arises from interaction with individuals from different states and cultures and lastly the starting out salary for individuals who have graduated from college is relatively high. The given examples are just a given example of attending college. There are additional benefits such as an increased opportunity to promote and enhance chances of working in a managerial position. Studies have shown that attending college is advantageous compared to working after high school. I strongly advise individuals who are planning to work after high school to reconsider their decision and choose to progress to a college education as this it increase chances of better jobs and attracts higher pay in that position. A college graduate earns the higher salary and enjoys more allowances and stands higher chances of job promotion as compared to a high school workmate.


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