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It is fascinating to know that names are linguistic symbols that have far greater meaning than just being typical words or sounds. A person can effectively understand him/herself better in terms of culture, personality, relationships, health and life purpose by closely analyzing their name and looking into its background and meaning behind their name. This paper sheds light on the history of my name and highlights its importance in my life in general.

Although my parents took some time to come to an agreement on the name they thought would suit me, they ultimately decided on Arlet as they thought it would match well with my sisters name Linet. In addition to this, my parents also decided on the name, given that it was really popular and well known at the time. My grandmother, really liked the name too, she says that I am very warm, loving, understanding, fun to be around and thinks I acquired these character traits from the name.

I really like my name, it is quite a pleasure for me to get the more popular name even though I am not the only girl child at home. The name has a cross cultured origin and different meanings in different language. For example Arlet means spice in Indian origins associated with being fun and outgoing, in the German culture, it means free man associated with go getters and individuals that are free thinkers and are open minded. It is also a pet name for Charlotte in the French culture. It gives me a sense of identity and uniqueness being the only Arlet in the family. Although I am totally satisfied with my name, if I were to choose another name apart from mine it would be Hope. The name comes with a feeling of the desire of fulfillment. It is empowering and embodies looking forward to brighter and better situations which is what drives me every day.

Most people with a similar name to mine are generally charming, warm and loving. They are easy going and can easily endear themselves to others. Secondly, people with similar names are extremely understanding, they possess an innate ability and knowledge of how to handle people with just the right amount of respect and humility that is expected by being mindful of others. Third, people with the name exhibit a high degree of responsibility for anything that they decide to actively take on. This makes Arlets highly reliable and dependable. However, most people lack confidence and are usually uncertain in many of the situations they face. In my case, I tend to put things off quite easily if I dont get enough backing from my friends or family. Many people with similar names will often need encouragement before making decisions.

My name evidently reflects my personality in terms of responsibility and the level of seriousness with which a go about my day to day activities. Responsibility is a trait that is taught by my parents from a very young age. When it comes to working, I put in maximum effort and seriously ensure that I get the best results out of every situation.

In conclusion, for any individual, their name usually has a greater meaning attached to it. Names give a sense of belonging and identity as it enables people to get in touch with their culture and origins by analyzing and understanding their background and name history. Names play an important role in our lives are as they reflect our personality, affect success in our lives and are part of who we are.



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