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Benjamin Jowett Jowett writes on the issue of the interpretation of the scripture. For several years different people have had different opinions on the issues discussed in the scripture. It is a common phenomenon to hear people add or remove key issues to an already documented fact. The reality of the matter is that people have different perception and understanding of issues which varies depending on their schooling and ways of life. This assignment explores the work of Benjamin Jowett Jowett Jowett with a special interest in the thematic facts he presents supportive evidence and the styles used among other issues with regards to the transformation of the church based on the differences in the understanding of the scriptural readings.

The authors focus on the theme of interpretation of scriptures to better explain the journey the churches have gone through towards their segregation. The author accepts the fact that different people have a different understanding of the scripture. The difference in interpretation of facts is found in a wide variety of people. The issues of difference in interpretation are observed to have existed since time immemorial. The author gives various evidence to support this these which is deeply rooted in the society. No one ever wants to have the superficial meaning of issues. The human mind believes that there is more to the issue that is written or present. The human mind struggles to give an interpretation, and it is through this interpretation that people come up with different views that make a known issues seem to portray conflicting ideas. The difference in interpretation gives leads to a situation in which the truth looks jumble making it difficult to know the reality.

Benjamin Jowett uses historical evidence to drive his point home. Most of the evidences provided by Benjamin Jowett in his work are his own opinion. However, the opinions are drawn from his interpretation of various historical evidence and readings that help to give a better understanding to the disparity that exists in the way people understand scriptural texts. No credit is given to any author throughout the work except for a few Biblical citations that mention certain Biblical chapters. The fact that no work is cited makes this work to be one based on the opinions of Benjamin Jowett based on his understanding of the issues he interacted with in the historical readings or real-life experience. Portrayed in work is a deeper understanding of the religious issues which is an indication a well-read or researched man. This makes the ideas look potent despite the lack of the citations.

The evidence provided by Benjamin Jowett does not adequately support the claim that difference in the interpretation of the scripture is an issue that exists and needs to be handled urgently. It is a fact that the great work wealth of information that spans from the historical setting of the origin of the church to the current day society. Moreover, the highlight of various contemporary issues gives strength to Benjamin Jowetts claims. While this is a well-written argument with various historical arguments, the lack of citations makes the work seem as though it is based on interpretation of Benjamin Jowett which may a well be biased just like his finding of bias in the understanding of the scripture. Therefore, despite having potent claims, the lack of referencing of the evidence makes them not to support his claim convincingly. In other words, someone may view the evidence as fantasies created in his mind("Benjamin Jowett, On The Interpretation Of Scripture").

This essay begins by looking t the difference in interpretation in the biblical teaching. The author gives various real-life example that exists in the contemporary society to explain the fact that different people fathom the bible truths differently. The major difference in understanding is found to exist in the understanding of the issues mentioned in the old and the new testament. The essay digresses from the point of the difference in the interpretation of the scripture and looks at the other cases of the difference in interpretation. Benjamin Jowett focuses on the key issue of this work by trying to give all the possible reasons that would help justify the difference that occurs in the understanding of the scripture. However, the issues of the difference in understanding among people are still maintained making the work to remain relevant despite the focus on the historical evidence and few contemporary issues. Benjamin Jowett keeps his lane by sticking to his and trying to give all the possible explanation to the case ("Benjamin Jowett, On The Interpretation Of Scripture").

The work of Benjamin Jowett seems to be presented in a narrative form with the aim of making the reading follow and understand the storyline of the essay. On the other hand, the ideas are presented persuasively thus making it sound like a persuasive essay. In fact, if it hands arguments for both sides of the issue then it would have been one of the best persuasive essays. The issues are not presented simply as the reader ought to know the religious matters to have a better understanding. It is therefore difficult to group the style of the essay thus the idea of personal style of writing works perfectly well for the work of Benjamin Jowett. The style used to write the essay is probably the best that could be exploited in this situation. It is not easy to narrate the matters presented, and persuasion requires two sides of the story which is not relevant in this case. Therefore, this the best style for writing the say to ensure that message and the case of the essay is well presented. While personal styles prove hard to categorize, they borrow from the already known writing styles just like this paper.

The essay apart from showing the reader about the differences in interpretation of the of the scripture also gives an opportunity to have a look at the historical matters that have occurred in the church environment. By looking at the history of the church, it becomes possible to understand the reason why there are several churches in the current society. The issues are discussed n a historical perspective thus putting every matter in the right period the given a better meaning. Moreover, this gives someone an opportunity to understand some of the basic issues in humanity such as the difference in the reasoning ability. Most people fail to understand why this difference occurs and it, therefore, becomes possible to give them an explanation in the scriptural context ("Benjamin Jowett, On The Interpretation Of Scripture").

The essay can persuade the readers to accept its perspective. The strength of the essay is in the arrangement of the issues and the way in which the points are discussed. The work travels with the reader through historical events that have lead to the state in which the churches are in the current society.Moreover, it gives an overview of the contemporary issues that occur in the society today with regards to the matter discussed. This makes the argument of the author to sound substantiated and well documented that making I easy to accept the point of the argument presented in the work of Benjamin ("Benjamin Jowett, On The Interpretation Of Scripture").

In conclusion, Benjamin Jowett does a good work by trying to explain the reason as to why the people have different interpretive ability f the biblical concept. The facts presented in the bible remain to be facts despite the various interpretations by different people from different ethnic, racial, religious and even class organizations. People interpret the bible to suit their condition and not ensure that their listeners get to hear the biblical facts, perhaps this explains the reason why everyone should arm themselves with the bibles to avoid situations of having to hear distorted information that emanates from their preachers or teachers of the biblical truths.


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