Questions for the Interview on College Life and Reflection to the Interview

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What mental picture did you have of college and how college would be like or your college expectations before joining?

I had this picture of a huge place with no rules, less academic work and lots of fun as compared to the high school experience. Meeting new people from all parts of the country and forming new friends

Have those expectations of how college life or what college is come to real or was it a totally different experience?

After joining college yes, I have met more people from all parts of the country, made new friends as I had pictured in my mind as well as the freedom but I have also realized the impact this has on your academics if youre not careful how you carry yourself around and manage your time well.

How was your transition from High School to College mentally?

It was not easy. From serious supervision to no supervision this was not a smooth transition, I found myself missing classes, but I managed to adapt to the new system with time.

How is the education style in the college different from High school?

It is very different since whatever you are learning in college is in line with all your interests unlike in high school where you have to cope with the subject you do not wish to proceed to learn in life hence making college much better.

What academic and social experiences did you find most interesting?

Academic experiences that I have had to love is attending classes in line with my interests and goals in life; this gives me more attention as compared to my previous experience. Socially the experience is just amazing, interacting with people from all parts of the country others from different countries, this gives you an exposer to the world.

How has the university academic system developed you both mentally and socially?

Since I joined the college, I have been studying concepts in relation to my career. This has developed my brain in relation to what is expected of me in my line of work in future, how to handle different situations but also the social concept has not been left behind since I have gotten to learn how to interact with different people from different places.

How has your relationship life been since you joined college?

Since joining college, I have dated a single lady, we have grown to know each other and help each other in different situations and so far I cannot complain about the relationship since its productive and healthy

Could you say you have been exposed more to the real life out in the world since you joined College?

Yes, I have been exposed more to the real world since I joined college and it has not only developed academically but in real life challenges and how to handle them, how to stay around other people and help out each other, how to manage time among other things.


After conducting the interview, critical information was gained from it. Starting with the picture of what college is. Most of us have this idea of college being a place to relax, have fun and make new friends but forget the main reason as to why we joined college. This is shared by many and as seen it takes a person him/herself to realize this and make the necessary decisions in their life. Lack of supervision which comes with college means too much freedom which has proven not to be a good thing although it's a good thing at some point. With all this at hand one manages to know how to schedule their time productively and also plan their life since here, there is no supervision of any manner. From the interview, we see that the students agree to it that they missed a number of classes due to poor time management among other things. We also see that this freedom has managed to shape their life on prioritizing what is most important to the thing least important to them.

In relation to academics, the college academic system has proven to be among the best due to the fact that one pursues what they have always loved. Unlike in high school, it feels good to realize that back in high school different students had the feeling that they would wish to drop some subjects but had no choice while in the university academics becomes more fun and easier since one is learning the things they have loved doing hence makes it much better as compared to high school. Performances of the serious students is always great and the life experiences which prepare one for the outside world does great in shaping the future of the students in college. College prepares you for your future job and also most of the things you are taught are applicable in real life situations.

Relationship life is another section that also matters also matters a lot in college, the relationships you have with both the opposite gender and the same gender determines a lot on how your college life will be. From the interview, the interviewee has sown how health is the relationship is with his girlfriend and also its importance. This is an example of a relationship in college but different forms exist. College life exposes one to a lot of things and ultimately depends on the decisions one makes in relation to their life. The interview was really productive and got to learn a lot as I was conducting the interview. The objective of the interview being to understand the life of the college and this was clearly answered by the end of the interview. Preparing the interview involved looking for the right interviewee as well as getting the right questions for the interview that would answer my interviews objective.


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