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How well does Vasquez's topic sentences make transitions from one category to the next?

In order to ease for Vasquez to ease from one paragraph to another maintaining greater coherence, there was the application of the topic sentence transition formula. She has linked different categories by referring back to the idea from the previous paragraph prior to introducing before the idea that is to be expounded on in the next category.

We see that the topic sentence of the first category in the thesis is a simple introduction of simply the main idea. However, in the second topic sentence, the transition formula has been put into action. Idea from the previous sentence is referred to prior to the introduction of the next idea.

The topic sentence transition formula is imperative in situations where one may not be sure of how to make a smooth transition between categories.

C. Identify the categories of students excuses that Segal identifies evaluating the reading?

Segal has created the following five categories in accordance to the excuses she usually receives from students.

1.The family

2.The best friend

3.The evils of dorm life

4.The evils of technology

5.The totally bizarre

D.Tone. Describe the tone of the essay. What does it reveal about Segal's attitude towards students?

Segal has used a tone of sarcasm compiled with and humor throughout the essay. This has been effectively used in describing how the students always come up with creative, but still predictable ways in making up excuses.

The attitude revealed according to me is that she does this so as to keep the reader interested, as well as helping the reader to easily relate what she is talking about to their own life, The death of the grandfather/grandmother is, of course, the grandmother of all excuses (Selga, par 2). I

I admire the way she uses the tone of sarcasm together with metaphors on how the excuse is among the most frequently used. "My best friend's mother killed herself'(Selga, par 5).

D.Thesis. What is the Viorst's thesis? Where does she state it most directly?

Viorst's thesis is on being trustworthy and transparent and how this culture originates and the twists it takes transitioning even to lies.

"To bear each other the secrets of their souls, and run- no questions asked to help each other, and tell harsh truths to each other when harsh truths must be told."

She enlightens the reader on how even though of us have been taught how to be reliable and for example does not lie some if not most of us consider it okay to lie.

E.Audience. How would you identify Viorsts intended audience? What makes you think as you do it? What does she hope to communicate to the audience?

Judith Viorst intended audience in her essay seem to largely incline on women. This is because she has been referencing women and looking the main characters in her essay are women making small talk telling white lies'. This essay shows how people are prone to telling lies especially when they are in the dreadful situation or when they don't want to hurt someone's feelings by telling the truth. For example where Lucy seems to think and says that every man who talks to her is being flirtatious. This she says to make herself feel better and desirable while it is not necessarily true.


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