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The lecture will be centering on Augustine. Augustine will be covered in two parts. One part is studying well versed and written articles that entails renowned writers such as Ian Johnson and others. The second part is to go through articles that talks of confessions. Confessions articles are presumed to be the best part of this course. Thirteen books touch on confession, and one has to go over them. There is a statue of Augustine that follows traditional formats in the middle ages. One of the statues that follow the traditional formats of middle ages is that of a man with his hands extended and in one hand with an open book, deemed to be the bible and the other hand is having a burning heart. The extended hand holding an open book and a burning heart reflect an individual is having a passionate heart and brilliant.

The coursework will be conducted through dialogues that entails professor and student discussions. The class will work in a way that all the three voices in the class be heard. The best voice that any student will love to hear is that of the ghost of Augustine. Probably, half of the coursework will be centered on confession since it is this book that almost every Christian in work will advocate after the bible. Thus, it worth taking a couple of hours to read about Augustine. From the course outline, the book will start with a general introduction of two pages long. The second part that the study will be covering will be Augustine's place in history, time, and problems. The overview and summary of Augustine will be next. After that, we will proceed to focus on confessions. The study will end with Augustine presence on Palestinian.

In the ancient world in Roman Empire, Augustine's approach to nature life and social life, he found that yearning after duty, good. But this yearning is not satisfying at all to our inner cycle. The only way one can be satisfied is through confession. Perfection has to be really for perfectionist and duty. Thus, revelation summarizes that we can find something of our own and constantly betrayed by our pride and sexuality. God is the answer. He has to be the perfect answer, duty, and judge. We have to trust in ourselves and God too. Our true world is God. Thus nothing a man can provide for himself nor others. But God does. Thus Augustine says that a solution to a man's tragedy lies in God. Always finding solace in God. This is the summary that Augustine advocates for the people to embrace. In future, we will be seeing more of Augustine being revived since his views are seeing to be focusing more of our wellbeing.

In the course entails doing the final exams, weekly or daily quizzes, and term papers. But for this case, the weekly or brief daily quizzes are to be scrapped because they are time to consume. Discussions will take the huge part of the course. The final exams will entail structured and short answers questions. The official hours to seeing the professor will be between 1:30 to 3 on every Tuesday. The students should always involve themselves in a dialogue after the lecturer.

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