Play Dough and Social, Cognitive, Language and Emotional Development

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Homemade play dough a natural recipe.Most people believe that play dough and are the same time aware that the play dough develops the fine motor skills of a little child which then allow the small child to know how to hold pens and pencils correctly and to be able to hold up to the button in most cases.

Barber (2007), argued that play dough also helps you develop your cognitive skills; it also helps you to develop your social and at the same time your emotional skills and not to forget your language and communication skills too. The process of involving the children also in the making of the play dough also helps them to develop their mathematical and scientific skills too. Barber (2007), again added that the Mathematical skills of the person will mainly be used to measure and also to ensure that the right amount of ingredient will be used to make the play dough. Scientific skills, on the other hand, are developed through understanding that through a mixing of different items you can come up with a colorful and a fun item prompting play, learning and also creation.

Goyer (2013), on the other hand emphasizes that the entire process of making play dough is always a fun than even the result itself. Just being in the process of kneading, the process of molding and also shaping can always be so much relaxing and always allows you to calm and relax for the day's activity.

A good example is the:

Homemade play dough a natural recipe

My friends love to get our kids play dough for their birthdays and even also for the Christmas holydays. It always and more often makes our children happy even though I don't tend to mind it so much. Our kids always tend to use the hands to be so creative in the whole process of the play dough making, and I always see that and also encourage it as a good thing. There is a little problem with the play dough though, and the main issue is that it doesn't last for long hours in our houses. The original bright pink mixes in addition to the soft yellow and even to the blue and orange mesh into a mess, even before we realize what is happening, we are stuck with several can of the play dough.

There are several recipes for the homemade play dough, and some of this recipe contains ingredient that I do not even know. And therefore I opt for the simplest recipe which our kids normally like. What they use could probably be considered sometimes as salt dough recipe but which contains a little bit of flour and it becomes a little bit of soft enough dough.

Ingredients of the homemade play dough a natural recipe

One cup of flour (whatever kind of flour that you may have)

Less than a half cup of salt

A half cup of water

Add three to five or more of natural food coloring.


Take the flour and the salt and mix them.

Mix again together a half cup of warm water with a few drops of food coloring

Slowly pour and mix the for the mixture, and stirring as you pour. Stir until combined, and then knead with your hand until all the flour is absorbed. If the dough is too sticky, add more flour up to the point that it doesnt stick anymore.


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