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Preschool partnership plays a fundamental role in the development of children. It is also useful to families and childhood staff since it enhances understanding in children and enables them to deal easily with kids. Coming up with a preschool partnership program requires the stakeholders to come up with an effective preschool program and select curriculum that meets the standards and requirement of the program. The establishment of the program also requires the community to contribute braid funds (Power of Partnerships: Maximizing Resources for Preschool Programs, n.d.). The setting of the education must meet a variety of the needs of the children, apart from special needs. The teaching is comprehensive and prepares the kids for the future. In addition to special needs, the preschools train kids on the basic things that they should do daily such as brushing their teeth, painting, playing etc. These sentiments are also echoed in the concepts learned in the classroom.

Partnerships are very useful to kids since they enable them to discover, share and learn in an integrated classroom. It provides kids with an opportunity to freely play together. As noted in the movie, it is at time hard to walk in a such a classroom and identify kids with special needs (Power of Partnerships: Maximizing Resources for Preschool Programs, n.d.). Creation of this facilities makes the children be more alike than they are different, enabling them to adapt and be flexible and make things work for them. Preschool partnership is also useful in the flourishing of children since adults caring for them work together. It provides opportunities to the families of the children and staff to discuss the progress of the children and how well tome to their needs. This enables families to have a deeper understanding of their children, their strengths, behaviors, and moods.

Partnerships are also integral in helping the children learn the importance of relationship and working together. Positive communication between their parents and staff inspire them to build healthy relationships. Children feel safe with staff who receive maximum respect from their parents and support their family in turn. Partnerships also provide ample opportunities for families and staff to share their experiences with one another and how useful their bond is to the development of the children. These points were also covered in the classroom.

In the video, HEAD START - Build a Family. Build a Community", it is quite evident that partnerships in preschool projects are essential in the development of a child. The video specifically addresses social equity and inclusiveness in preschools. The four building blocks of positive partnerships between families and staff that are highlighted in the video are; family-centered care, communication, empathy and respect for diversity (HEAD START - Build a Family. Build a Community, n.d.). Some of the lessons learned in the movie are similar to the points that were presented in the classroom. The video emphasizes the importance of preschool partnership and development of an environment that enables the kids to learn. Share and discover new ideas of life (HEAD START - Build a Family. Build a Community, n.d.).

In the video, Building Partnerships with Families," inclusive educational practices for children with and without special education needs are discussed. The movie emphasizes the points discussed in the classroom. Partnership necessitates the provision of comprehensive services to children who are able to discover, learn and share with others. As discussed in the movie, a preschool partnership is a professional relationship between educators and families and it entails trusting and respecting one another, having ongoing open and honest conversation and solving problems through shared decision making (Building Partnerships with Families, n.d.). This enables children, parents, and staff to gain from each other and deliver quality service


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