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Reading, thinking, and writing is three components that should be coordinated. It is important to consider learning tools that aid in the development of critical thinking as well as reading skills. These two aspects help in improving writing skills. Reading is a process that brings a reader to discover an idea while critical thinking helps in evaluation of an idea. Writing is basically a technique of presenting an idea that has been discovered and evaluated. The three steps have to be considered with a lot of keenness to understand the order in which they should be applied.

The first step is to engage in critical reading since texts have facts. The main goals of critical thinking include recognition of the authors intention, digestion of persuasive techniques adopted by the author, and identifying bias. It is important to understand the meaning of particular text. Critical reading can be achieved through three progressive steps that include understanding what a particular text says by analyzing the following situations:

A reader should recognize a text before he or she can understand the details in the text. Is the text recognizable to the reader?

After a reader can recognize a particular text, it is critical to understand what the text does to bring out a particular message. This step proves that a reader understands what the text does and several questions can be presented to gauge the reader. Can the reader identify examples in the text? What type of examples can be identified? What type of arguments is presented to discuss a particular idea?

A reader should be able to understand the meaning of the text through understanding and interpretation as indicated in number 1 and 2 above. The entire text should be analyzed and relevant meaning asserted.

After reading, one gets an opportunity to use critical thinking. Critical thinking is a complex process that involves the integration of several skills which include knowledge from reading texts. Critical thinking involves dropping emotions and choosing to approach decisions based on reasons. This particular skill is known as rationality. Other essential skills include self-awareness, honesty, discipline, open-mindedness, and judgment.

Writing should always be a product of critical thinking since critical thinking is a process of manufacturing information and writing is a process of presenting such information. A writer should be in a position to organize information in a manner that a reader can understand. It is a process that includes but not limited to the following:

Deciding what to write is very important since it helps in shaping ideas. What is the intended general message of the writer?

Deciding how to write is the second most important decision that a writer needs to make. In this step, a writer needs to determine: How will the message be presented? What will argumentative tools be used? What will be the length of the paper?

Development of a draft is always important since it provides a rough idea of the final message an author intends to write. Before proceeding to write a final copy, a writer should establish whether a draft makes sense. Does the draft make enough sense to be developed to a final paper?

Write a final paper which has to be an improvement of a draft.

Proofread the final copy to establish whether the intended message is delivered and edit where necessary.

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