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Previous Lesson: Students should have knowledge on the sequence and events that led to the civil war.

Future Lesson: This lesson will help the students have knowledge on the events that led to the end of the civil war and how the events on the previous lesson relates to what caused the end of the civil war.

Prerequisites: Before beginning this lesson students will have: a piece of paper or card that would be handed to them while entering the class. The card will contain the names of either Lincoln or McClellan. The cards will aid in group discussions.

Materials Needed:

i. End of the war in PowerPoint

ii. Cards: McClellan and Lincoln (To be handed at the door while getting in class)

iii. Notes Sheet

iv. Worksheet and Map

v. Articles of Agreement for the students

vi. Articles of Agreement Teacher Version

Lesson Content and Design

Central Focus / Big Idea:

1. Explain how the situation is looking up for America at this point.

2. The victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg; how some people are tired of war and are looking for ways to end it sooner.

3. Discussing how president Lincoln has served a single four-year term as president. Focus to be put on how the elections are going to be

4. Will president Lincoln be reelected or will another candidate be elected to become president?

5. Will Lincoln reconsider about his decision to keep fighting to bring the Southern states back into the Union?

6. What are the opinions of his opponents towards the war and what do they believe?


1. After receiving all the relevant information concerning the election of 1864, students should be able to discuss both McClellans and Lincolns views on the war and how the outcome might affect each candidate.

2. Students should be able to create a timeline and chart illustrating the series of events leading to the conclusion of the war.

3. Students should be able to review the Articles of Agreement concerning the Surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.

4. Students should be able to discuss the emotional response from soldiers of either army during the surrender.

Guiding Question(s):

1. Explain how at this point the states of affairs are looking up for the United States?

2. How does the victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg affect how the people feel about the war and why some people are tired of the war and looking for ways to end it soon?

3. Discuss the effects Lincoln serving of a one four-year terms presidency.4. How do you think the elections are going to go? Do you think Lincoln will be reelected or another candidate will be elected to the presidency?



Students to complete what do you think notes sheets with their answers based on the story reading.

Students to complete a timeline, chart and map questions on the events of the war

Summative:1.Studentsassessment through taking notes on the articles of agreement

2 Verbal answers to the final questions

Academic Language: story elements, plot, characters, setting, theme, time, place, character traits

Presentation/Syntax (Example given below)

Elements Minutes Detailed Description

Consider: Work to prepare students and access prior knowledge and experiences 20 Whole Group:

- Issue the McClellan and Lincoln Cards to the students. The number of McClellan cards should be equal to the number of Lincoln cards. Have the students form two groups for discussion.

Hand out the Baltimore Platform to the group with the Lincolns cards and the Chicago Platform the group with the McClellans cards

Begin Bringing the War to an End PowerPoint and have the students read quickly through their given platforms, paying particular consideration to the bolded text.

Put all of the Lincolns in one group and all of the McClellan in another.

Issue out the What Do You Think Notes Sheet, and have the students work together to

Collect their ideas for a debate, filling out the note sheet as they go.

Construct: Work to allow students to build new knowledge and skills 35

Whole Group:

Let the students Continue to follow the Bringing the War to an End PowerPoint then hand out the Timeline Worksheet and Map which have been copied back to back. Afterwards have students complete the Timeline Worksheet and Map.

Confirm: Work to allow students to contrast new knowledge with prior and close the lesson 25 The whole class to read the Articles of Agreement and make notes under each item. They should then read the last quotes from Chamberlain on the Bringing the war to an end PowerPoint. The class as a group to then discuss the final questions based on the quotes from Chamberlain and lee.


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