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Objective: The aim of this lesson is to equip students with knowledge on the essential of creating a government and how governments allocate scarce resources to different arises. This lesson aim at providing students with platform for demonstrating the knowledge they have attained relating to the civic, citizenship, and government.

On grade level Content: Students will learn how different governments operate in relation to living in urban centers, and how they can be able to tell the difference between urban centers and rural areas. They should also learn how the characteristics and disadvantages of living in urban areas.


The students will be shown an animation of people in a typical urban center and rural area. However, before watching the animation, the teacher will explain the differences between lives at an urban center in comparison to other areas. Students will be expected to notice the difference in each areas surroundings and find the advantages of each area. Product

The students are expected, after watching the clip for five minutes, share what they have noticed. This process involves them writing down their observations.

Previous lesson: the students will be reminded what was learned in the previous lesson and how it relates to the current lesson.

Future lesson: the next lesson will be used to build on what is already covered in this and in previous lesson.

Prerequisite: Before the beginning of this lesson, students should be able to tell the difference between an urban centers. They should also have the knowledge to enable them collect information by taking notes as the lesson continues.


Informal assessment Students will be required to answer few questions after the presentation, based on their observations. This includes questions from their peer. This can also include random questions related to the topic.

Formal assessment The teacher will prepare a short assessment that each student must complete it individually. This part of assessment must be in writing and recorded for future references.

Instructional strategies The instructional criteria include showing and telling method. The method involves sharing information about the topic and at the same time showing them what is expected of them at the end of the study.

Students actions Each student will be required to note some notes that help in assuring randomized questions at the end of the presentation. The teacher should use such randomized questions to test the understanding of each student.

Instructional materials The materials for teaching include videos, books, magazines, and some other interesting materials such as animations to enable students with diverse cognition to undress the learning outcome. In addition, the students can use each other as a source of knowledge, by asking and answering questions in groups.

Submission of written assessment Any written materials for assessment must be submitted to the teacher within five minutes of lesson completion. In addition, the students should be able to explain the relevance of the topic to their life. In other words, apart from presenting a written material for assessment, they should be able to explain the benefits and the extent in which they have understood the learning objectives. This means that each student is required to defend their position on the kind of answers that they provide for assessment.

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