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George Orwell, James Baldwin, and Fredrick Douglass had individual views on the implications of language on politics. The analysis of the three essays shows how their arguments overlap, show similarity, and differences. The three authors hold that language is a means for communicating and for convincing followers. The role of language in politics as evident in the views of the three authors is convincing because it reflects the actual real life situation. The politicians across the world use the power of oratory to communicate their manifestos and to convince followers regarding their ability to lead. The purpose of this essay is to explain the instances where the thoughts of Orwell, Baldwin, and Douglas overlap, differ and the views they share. The essay also contains the lessons from the easy regarding how language shapes people and the implications of the essays.

George Orwell holds that a language is a political tool that a politician uses for hiding the truth. The bad language used during the time of Orwell changes his view regarding the importance of language in shaping the personality. Orwell states that writers used the English language to hide their personalities from the readers. It is apparent from Orwells statements that language can make lies appear truthful. Orwells view of language was depicting the misuse of language during his time to change reality and seek for political conformity. The political followers did not enjoy the freedom to decide on the course of actions because of the deceptions that result from the use of language. Orwell considers a clear language as an enemy of truth and clarity.

The view of Orwell overlaps with the perspective of Baldwin in different ways. Baldwin holds that language is the key to identity. Besides, language is a powerful instrument in politics that politicians use to proof the gift to lead. Baldwin holds that language is a means that people connect with each other, and a means to reveal their identities. Baldwin believes that a language is a tool that helps the uses to conceal the truth from an audience. Language according to Baldwin defines the culture and the identity of a community. For example, Baldwin holds that language enabled him to write about his culture, people, and his lifestyle. The better part of the life of Baldwin was writing poems and novels. As a result, language enabled him to express his identity to the readers and to pass the information to the generations.

The opinion of Douglas regarding the importance of language overlaps with that of Orwell and Baldwin. Douglas encounter with the English language was unique because he did not know how to read and write. Douglas considers his inability to read and write as bondage. Douglas depicts language as a means to acquire freedom. For example, after Douglas had learned how to read and write, he was able to escape from slavery. The language enabled Douglas to understand that he was a slave and in need of means to rescue himself from the hard life. Douglas was able to rescue himself from the bondage of loneliness after learning how to communicate with other boys. Douglas holds that the knowledge of language enabled him to understand the diverse discussion of the people in his environment. After learning the language, Douglas was able to hear discussions about anti-slavery and the preparation to escape the bondage.

The opinions of Baldwin, Douglas, and Orwell differ in some manner. Orwell perceives eloquence as negative to the clarity of information. According to Orwell, poor language helps an individual evade foolish thoughts (Orwell, 313). Orwell goes ahead to defend his view regarding the negative effect of language. According to him, people that understand language choose meaningless words to make bases. A number of meaningless words put together prevent readers from understanding the real meaning of a statement. Orwell concludes his view regarding language by saying the eloquence of the language reduces the clarity and the meanings of statements.

However, Douglas holds that understanding language helped him talk with friends, and to acquire beneficial information from the people in the environment. According to Douglas, understand language was a light to his path because he could understand his identity and the need to escape from the slavery (Douglass, 70). His view contradicts with the views of Orwell because he holds that understudying language is the causes of deception. Douglas view language has tool for acquiring freedom because it grants the ability to acquire information. Orwell, hold that understanding language trigger foolish thoughts and an avenue for hiding truths in statements.

Baldwin holds language contributes to the social wellbeing of an individual (Baldwin, 115). He refutes the view of Orwell that understanding language is loophole to the entry of foolish thoughts. According to Baldwin, language helps the people to control their circumstances. Besides, language forms a media for communicating about the future, parents, and for boosting self-esteem.

The significance brought by the tree essays

The three essays hold unique and educative perspectives about the importance of language. The thoughts of the researchers are true because of the divergent views on the role of language. The three authors confirmed how language has shaped their world because of exchange of information. Language provides a metrics for fellowshipping with friends. Besides, it was clear from the three essays that language is a political tool used to win the hearts of the majority and means for getting power. It was learnable from the essays language can be used to deceive followers, to hide the identity and prevent the audience from understanding the truth. It is true that the knowledge of the language is endless and that other people understand the language better than others do. Language helps an individual to understand the world and the activities within their environment.

What I have known about the language and how it shapes individuals

Language shapes our lives in many ways. For example, language is a tool of communication and for acquiring news from various parts of the world. Acquiring information from the environment boosts our self-esteem. It was clear that language is a means of expressing our passions and our needs. However, without proper language, it is hard to express our needs and to understand the needs of others. Language is helpful in exercising the freedom of expression and living a life of our dreams. For example, attaining our dreams require one to negotiate for deals and to collaborate with others. Besides, language boosts our involvements in activities and the expressions of our passions before friends. Language shapes how we view the world because we get to understand all that is happening in the world through the use of language. Additionally, language provides a means through which we express our expertise before other people. It is hard to interact with friends with there are shortcomings that result from poor understanding. Language shapes our political agendas and triggers our involvement in activities that concern our daily life.

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