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Thesis: Both leaders are remembered for varying reasons. However, while Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered for the positive contributions he made in the American society, Adolf Hitler is remembered for numerous inhumane contributions he inflicted on persons in Germany and across Europe.

Contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

foLocal civil rights activists for the African American community

Dr. King advocated for the rights of the minority groups in the United States

He also called for mutual respect among all citizens

He campaigned against enslavement of the African Americans

Dr. King called for better pay among the African American workers

Contributions on the education sector

Dr. King campaigned for the need for education regardless of gender or race

He is remembered as one of the greatest philosophers in the United States

People use his slogans in their daily activities as sources of motivation

Dr. King mostly campaigned for the

Conducted non-violent actions during parades and boycotts

Dr. King preached for peace in all his campaigns to avoid destruction of public property

Dr. King led large street matches that did not cause any bodily harm on non-participants

Struggled to fight against racism in the United States

Dr. King was a vocal leader who adamantly campaigned against racism

He constantly assured African Americans that they would one day stand out against all odds

Dr. King helped raised awareness of the ongoing racism that led to minimal opportunities for the African Americans especially in the formal sector

Dr. King exhibited exemplary leadership qualities that are still emulated by current leaders

Leaders in the government and the private sector follow his character

People study the unique characteristics that Dr. King held and try to copy these actions

Contributions of Adolf Hitler

The Holocaust

The event was orchestrated by Adolf in Germany before spreading to other nations

The Holocaust saw the massive killing of millions of Jews in Europe

Persecution of the Jews was also common as they were detained in cities where they were left to starve.

Poor decision-making regarding the direction that Germany should pursue

Hitler failed to honor the treaty of Versailles which was one key reason for the eruption of the 2nd World War.

Hitler disapproved the leadership tactics of his predecessors and pursued a dictatorial form of governance

Hitler sent Germany to a state of economic crisis as a result of extravagant expenditure in the wars

Mental health complications

The bureaucratic form of governance inflicted worry and chaos among the citizens

Being forced into wars while unprepared also caused mental complications among the soldiers

The constant wars instigated by Hitler also led to panic and psychological discomfort among the families living in the Nazi territory

The destruction of private property by the Nazi followers and constant threats also increased the risk of mental health complications

Worsened the relationships with Germanys neighbors

Hitler planned the invasion of Czechoslovakia to take the Sudetenland region that had been occupied by Germans

Hitler disregarded many peace treaties in Europe that led to constant warfare

Hitler conducted attacks on Poland which led to Britain and France coming in to fight against these events


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