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Over the years, my experiences in my workplaces and also personal life have driven me to gain more and more interests in the field of psychology. Nonetheless, I never imagined that my interests in psychology would grow to the current levels. I can vividly recall my first years in the United Military back in 2002 as a medical soldier where I served for six years. During the six-year period, I was able to interact with soldiers coming from both the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars. The majority of these individuals who returned from the war suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which adversely impacted their lives and those of their families. As indicated by Gates et al. (2012), recent, large-scale studies suggest that PTSD may be a highly prevalent disorder among U.S. service men and women returning from current military deployments, with prevalence estimates as high as 1416% (362). Therefore, I could no longer just sit behind and assume that they would recover with time. I tried all the means possible to comfort these individuals, but much of what I was doing was not sufficient to help them. Despite the support and friendliness that I showed, it was quite evident that these soldiers continued to suffer emotionally and psychologically. This case of the returning war soldiers being adversely impacted by PTSD was one primary reason why my interests in psychology increased.

Additionally, I was also involved in a tragic motorcycle accident back in 2011 which left me close to death. I had to undergo eight consecutive surgeries which also traumatized me daily. While my case was incomparable to that of the soldiers, I also felt a bit of what PSTD patients had to endure. In the hospital, the medical staff became so supportive and even guided me on how I would be of help in minimizing my stress levels. At this juncture, I realized that a degree in psychology would be essential to deal with future similar occurrences. Furthermore, I would also be able to help individuals experiencing PSTD, who are in fact, many in the society but people may fail to recognize them. By the time I was attaining my masters degree from XXXX University, I had started focusing on other groups that had similar PSTD situations, that is, the LGBT community.

In the contemporary society, individuals belonging to the LGBT community are often at a higher risk of developing psychological issues due to various reasons. Firstly, it is common to see the emotional and mental turmoil that most of these persons undergo before coming out to the public. I have witnessed a few individuals struggle under such cases which gave me the urge and zeal to help the others in similar conditions. An article by the Center of American Progress (2016) showcases the multiple issues that the LGBT members pass through daily. I believe that a doctorate in psychology will allow me to develop numerous ways that these persons can use in ensuring that they do not undergo the same ordeal as others have experienced before. Being part of this community has allowed me to witness most of these cases which I also suffered personally. However, over time, I was able to deal with my situation, but the majority of individuals may not come out as high as I did. Therefore, I feel that I can be of much help to these people since I comprehend their pains and sufferings.

As a demonstration of my ambitions and dedication, I have been involved in several community welfare programs. For instance, I spend many of my weekends and off days in different United States army medical facilities. In these institutions, I work alongside the medical staff in examining and helping the war soldiers and their families. The latter ensures that the soldiers affected by PSTD do not break their families. At the same time, we also educate the family members on how to deal and handle their loved one during the trying moments. In the West Hollywood, CA area, I provided volunteer services to the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and multiple sub-facilities. Additionally, I have also been involved in fingerprinting and identification of children and the subsequent reuniting with their families. Aside from these community programs, I have complimented my efforts by attending APA Convention courses, VA and California PTC training in becoming certified on how to deal with different persons knowledgeably. These study efforts have allowed me to work with the Northern Arapaho Indian Tribe in Wyoming to enhance information technology which allows the members of this community to access better medical services.

I hope to continue helping the discussed groups and the entire society in issues concerning psychological welfare. However, to become an efficient contributor in mental issues, I believe that there is need to further my studies and attain my Doctorate in clinical psychology and specialize in neuropsychology. The knowledge gained from pursuing and earning my Doctorate will be helpful in supplementing my current expertise in the field. By so doing, I believe that I will be able to attain my various goals. One such goal is to rejoin the army as a reserve officer and work in hand with other medical practitioners in ensuring the psychological fitness of all soldiers is upheld. Furthermore, I also wish to work with the LGBT community especially those who are trying to come out and those trying to establish relationships or building a family. Being able to give back to a community that is underprivileged and targeted, as reported and proven by Chatterjee (2014), plus one that I am a part of, would be something I felt strong and encouraged to do. Moreover, attaining my Doctorate would also set the pace for other members of my family as well as to my future nuclear family.

I humbly request you to consider my application as I wait for positive feedback.

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Your Name


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