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Below is a summary of the interview between me and my mentor, who we share the same cultural background Chayoot Che Chengsupanimit. There are a totality of fifteen questions stretching from Chengsupanimit college life, current life and the possible future life. I will be detailing to you his current professional venture Core Assurance Associate, where he is a member of PwC core assurance associate. I will interview Chengsupanimit based on his career intervention and the possible choices that he has engaged in with time. I will explain how the role of a Core Assurance Associate depends on the associate concept of integrated assurance of risk management. The resume will guide you to make an informed decision on the possible risk environment faces most corporate organizations who are direct PWC clients.

Interview Report between me and Chayoot Che Chengsupanimit


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Table of Contents

Abstract Page 4
Executive Summary 4
Introduction 5
2. Interview Questions 5
2.1 Why did you choose to attend your college/University? 5
2.2 What clubs and organizations you have participated while you were at college? 5
2.3 What are the three most important things that you have learned from your college? 5
2.4 What companies you have applied when you were a student? 5
2.5 How is your firm different from other accounting firms? 6
2.6 How is your life and work balance? 6
2.7 What is your career path like? 6
2.8 Do you enjoy your work now? 6
2.9 Do you want to work at a corporation in the future? 6
2.9 If you want to work at a corporation in the future, why? 7
2.10 How did you stand out as an international student? 7
2.11 Do you spend time to keep up with current accounting 7
2.12 Did your professor require you to keep up with current accounting world 7
2.13Do you prefer to work in the United Sates forever. 7
2.14 What are some advices you can give to an international student? 7
3.0 Conclusion 8

Abstract Page

Determining the career path is normally a difficult task for most professionals because people differ in skills and expectations. Besides, in auditing, there are differences in training, certification and licensing which impact on the personal requirements for success of the company. Most employers in the auditing sub-industry are looking professionals who understand the industry dynamics, respect ethics and are qualified enough. Although such employees are in abundant supply, the incoming interview feedback shows that these professionals face a number of challenges and problems, which require them to keep evolving as the industry changes. As to be evidenced, keeping up with auditing standards requires having an earlier command in the discipline of accounting. In addition, to be evidenced, the accounting profession requires long and intense working hours, which allow the proper focusing of the career. The individual to be interviewed has a demanding social life as well which puts a major strain to his delivery mechanism. The learning point of this report is the qualification that surrounds accounting. To qualify at an entry-level employment in the industry, it is important to develop the right oral and written communication skills while building the right knowledge for accounting basics. In addition, the report will illustrate that the accounting discipline requires the adoption of the variances and the business activities that help in creating the right projections of career development. The interview questions are defragmented into three main sections, past, present and promise of the individual. A brief stint will explore the college life of the participant while determining the choices that the interviewee decided to adopt in relation to professionalizing his career and personal career growth.

Executive Summary

Human resources in accounting are one of the fastest growing sections in accounting. Big international firms are working closely to see that they equip their firms with the best technology. The report provides an appropriate analysis and evaluation of the interviewee qualification skills as well providing the right assessment of the various horizontal and vertical aspects of his career.

The report attempts to compare the past, the present and the future of the individual accounting career, which involves providing the appropriate further investigation on the actions and decisions that my guests wished to carryout concerning his career. There will be a perfect comparison between the interview qualifications skills and his career now, which will help in evaluating how these skills impact on the individual performance.

The report questions analyze how the individual college life prompted him to settle for a career as an assurance officer.

How the individual launches his career as an assurance officer

How the individual qualifications skills relates to the demand as an internal auditor.

How the constant changes in the market requests auditors to keep up with the stand of auditing.

How the individual plans to reuse the skills as an auditor to launch his futuristic career in senior whelms of the society.

The conclusion will be proving that is a key relationship between the individuals past present and promise based on the expectations that are required in the market. The conclusion will also be attempting to relate the individual career with my personal career, clearly weighing out the need for me to explore consciously the career as an auditor.


There are 15 questions to be explored in this research. The questions were organized in a procedural way as a way to compare the individual past, present and future career as a Core Assurance Associate affiliated to PwC. Part of the questions will prove that the current skills Core Assurance Associate. The interview analyzes the professional interaction between the individual and his career path. Part of what to be analyzed are the qualities and skills that the interviewee posses. As my mentor, I have known him for long but as an accounting professional; I will be showing how his career as a Core Assurance Associate in PwC is feasible based on the choices the individual is carrying out.

2. Interview Questions

2.1 Why did you choose to attend your college/University?

I believe nothing in this world can succeed if accountability never drove it that is why I attended Muhlenberg College to study Accounting and International Studies. I choose this college because managed to bridge my future inspirations, accounting and international studies. Understanding accounting, in an international context is beautiful because the world is currently experiencing its best face of civilization, where mass consumption and international trade dominate the industry.

2.2 What clubs and organizations you have participated while you were at college?

While during college, I participated in various indoor and outdoor games. I first tried balling sports, with soccer being my favorite; however, I found great interests in Wrestling. During college years, I became the wrestling team captain assisting in the development of professional wrestling activities in school. I personally love wrestling because it fills the remains gaps that are left hanging in my life. For instance, wrestling helps me relieve stress, be athletic and know how to tackle challenges in a mechanical way.

2.3 What are the three most important things that you have learned from your college?

I have learnt many things during my college years. However, the three most important things that I have learnt were socialization, academics and professionalism. I have realized the innate power of socializing and creating positive networks, precisely how they influence my career and future life. Secondly, I take academics seriously, because I view them as an extension of what theology attempts to introduce. I have also appreciated the importance of professionalization, which involves crafting schemes that will help me generate operating formula.

2.4 What companies you have applied when you were a student?

As a study still influenced so much by sporting activities, I applied jobs in local areas such as Gymnasiums and Golf Course. I also worked as bouncer for a group of dancers who needed my professional skills. However, as I was approaching forth year, I realized that I needed a professional and decent job one that would best suit my expectations in the field accounting. I applied a job as Personal Finance columnists in local newspaper. My column did not go for long as I began regurgitating on the same topics.

2.5 How is your firm different from other accounting firms?

As notified before, I am currently for Price Waterhouse Coopers as an auditor. I have to say getting to this level of financial administrator and auditor has not been easy. However, during my column developments and later my blogger, I focused predominantly in auditing, principally focusing it on investment decisions. That said, I have to say that my accounting firm is different from others because of the vision, mission statement as well as the corporate strategy. PWC is the second largest coming behind Deloitte, third comes EY and KPMG group fourth. Our operations are in close to 157 countries in 756 locations worldwide with close to 223,000 employees and have operations in North America and the Caribbean in Western Europe. The company global revenues skyrocketed to the $35 billion dollars. Although our rivals are in the similar scale, our firm internal structure is convincingly different because we have been involved in responsible business.

2.6 How is your life and work balance?

Accounting is a demanding career; however, as a Wrestler I enjoy everything, which involves balancing life and work life. I am currently single but I am strongly engaged to a woman I intend to marry. I am a regular 8 am to 5pm individual; however, I prefer carrying work to home during weekdays so that I have enough spare time during Fridays and weekends. This way, it is possible for me to meet my relatives and friends including my fiancee.

2.7 What is your career path like?

My career path is full of highs all the time. Each time, my manager expects new quality threshold, while handling assignments that are more concrete. I do not have a professional paper license from the Certified Public Accountant body; however, I still play an important role in auditing. Since my boss realized that I lack this professional license, yet I am qualified, she has been channeling a lot of work to my desk. I am engaged in many business trips, meeting many clients in the United States.

2.8 Do you enjoy your work now?

I enjoy my work a lot, my offices, our team, my dressing, and the numerous business trips. More so, I enjoy what I did, going through various financial statements on a daily basis. Most of our colleagues are already listed co...

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