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Literature review
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This Literature review explores the Black Squirrel 5K and its overall contribution to the lives of the Students at Kent State University. It also highlights how the campaigns for the Black Squirrel 5k are conducted at the University. In addition to that, it points out the target audience for the run and the results of the campaigns. Moreover, it recommends prospects for improvement of the sport.

College students can get occupied to the extent that they hardly get time to check on their personal health and fitness. (101 Health and Wellness Tips for College Students, 2016). Even so, most colleges offer many health care and physical activities for students, which enhance their stay in the colleges.When designing an individual fitness program, fitness goals must be put into consideration (Mayo Clinic, 2015). The Black Squirrel 5K sensitizes students regarding physical fitness and the role played by exercise in enhancing healthy college lifestyles. According to the National Institute of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (2006), physical inactivity increases the risks of heart diseases and complications such as heart attack.

Students may find it difficult doing exercises alone. However, team activities have proven ideal and are preferred by everybody. According to Spikes (2016), Maintaining healthy eating habits and regular exercise schedule is crucial in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.Thus, campaigns for the Black Squirrel are conducted to create awareness on the training needs' of the body. The target audience for the campaign were the students of Kent State University. However, it also targeted other participants who are non-students. Crouch posits that exercise is a rewarding experience and creates happiness amongst individuals. Hence, the Black Squirrel 5K improves enrollment numbers of the University.

To improve the event, prizes should be given to every finisher. In addition to that, the creation of an expo to circulate before and after the 5K would attract positive results towards achievement and promotion of the ideals of physical fitness in the university.



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