Core Curriculum Content Standards for Students' Knowledge Evaluation

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New Jersey uses the Core Curriculum Content Standards that describe what students should know and have the ability to do upon completion of a thirteen-year public school completion. The state standards also lay a foundation for local district curricula that teachers use in their daily lesson plans that emphasize high-level skills that prepare students for college and careers.


As the teacher, I should have audio and video resources, interactive audio lessons, posters and flash cards, reading materials such as textbooks, newspapers, magazines, and scripts. Additionally, I should have a local guest speaker, a writing board, and a pen. On the other hand, students should have books, pens, response journals, and reading materials such as textbooks, magazines, and newspapers from home or the school library.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this lesson, learners should be able to:

Demonstrate the ability to understand at least ten verb tenses in Spanish in most social situations

Demonstrate the capacity to write five grammatically correct sentences that incorporate various verb tenses

Read ten simple, connected statements consistently with reasonable understanding and accent

Create and communicate orally in five simple sentences that include different verb tenses.

Assessment of Prior Knowledge

I will use the K-W-L plus strategy to assess what the students already know about verb tenses. In particular, I will focus on the first stage of What I Know in strategy.

Adaptations for Students

I will adapt this lesson for students with special learning or language needs by reading aloud for the student to get the fluency. I will also find other content materials such as magazines, newspapers, and journals suitable for my students level of instruction. I will also use K-W-L charts, vocabulary charts, and graphic organizers to help the students understand the verb tenses.


I will use a story map to make clear to the students how the topic is important. Additionally, I will use a study guide to help the students set purposes as they learn and to help direct them through the lesson.


I will get the students interested or excited about verb tenses by incorporating games, audio and visual resources about tenses, and inviting a guest speaker to support student learning with personal experiences.


Direct instruction of constructing five verbs in various tenses

Group students into discussion groups of five students to discuss the verb tenses learnt

Have the students do independent writing of five simple sentences incorporating the verb tenses

Have oral presentations by students reading their sentences and passages with various verb tenses

Bring a guest speaker, preferably a parent, to support student learning with personal experiences

Conduct a short continuous assessment test to measure if the students understood the verb tenses comprehensively

Checking for Understanding

I will use response journals to assess students comprehension of the verb tenses. They will use the response journals to think and write about what they have read during the lesson. Asking questions during a recap of the lesson will also help me know if the students are keeping with what I am teaching by reflecting on the content learned.


I will use continuous assessment tests to measure if the writing and comprehension objectives have been met. Then, I will have students make oral presentations and read scripts or sections of the textbooks aloud individually to assess if the reading and communication objectives have been met.


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