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Every student in any given school is determined to succeed. To achieve this, there are various approaches put in place to ensure that success is realized by learners. At the New Mexico school, there is a unique way that has been propagated to see to it that success is inevitable. In this school failure is a critical component of success. The school has incorporated risks, mistakes, and critical feedback into its program to ensure success.

Risk taking is always inevitable in the field of arts. Students tend to perform better if they embrace risk-taking. By so doing they end up learning their weakness and how to improve on the same. Risk taking is compared to self-discovery where learners get an opportunity to know their ability or capacity.

Making mistakes as a student is always the right way to begin. It is part of the procedure of realizing success. Students are taught to learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes does not amount to failure. The curriculum is developed in such a way that people are taught to learn from their mistakes so that they can improve.

Feedback is also part of the learning process at this school. Learners are taught to embrace feedback to improve on their work. Positive criticism is meant to improve on the failure and produce something better. Therefore learners are always open and willing to be criticized.

The role of the school counselor is to guide the students and help them appreciate the entire process of embracing failure as a means to success. The counselor ensures that teachers give every student a chance to excel. They also develop confidence in the students that they can make it.

This approach to education is important to learners. There are no failures in the education system since everyone is given an opportunity to learn from their failures and improve on them. This guarantees the teachers and the students of success.

School 21

At this school, learners get an opportunity to develop their confidence. Oral expression is one way to build ones confidence. They learn through discussions and structured talk. All learners are free to share their views and their thoughts.

Speaking well is highly valued at school 21. Children are taught to express themselves freely. They are taught that to succeed in life one has to be able to speak well. The opportunity for learners to express themselves is fundamental in this school.

There are always discussion guidelines. This ensures that the discussions that go on between learners are organized and achieves the intended purpose. The children are also taught how to appreciate other peoples views and the importance of consensus. They are also required to develop listening skills so that they can take in views of others.

The role of the counselor is to encourage the teacher on how to integrate talking in the learning process. Helping learners acknowledge the power of sharing through talking. The importance of embracing this mode of education so that it can be beneficial to learners in the future.

This approach to education is essential especially in developing the learners. It is very successful because thoughts and views are shared amongst learners. They tend to develop their skills at an early stage in life. It is therefore evident that this type of education is rewarding.

Pittsfield Middle High School

Pittsfield Middle School has encouraged dialogue between students. Whenever there is a dispute, the students are taught to solve the issue by themselves. The school has come up with a justice committee where students who have disagreements with one another meet to resolve. They use restorative approach to resolve any conflict.

The committee that handles conflict resolutions ensures that any disputes between students are solved amicably. The approach is always peaceful. There is no need for the students to engage in physical fights. Students are taught how to take responsibility for their actions. They are required to solve their differences by themselves.

Students have an opportunity to learn conflict resolution. They are exposed to the whole process of resolving conflicts. They do not need someone else to help them resolve their issues. The main purpose is not to punish the offender but to help them realize their actions. This leads to reconciliation and promotes peace.

The role of the counselor in this scenario is to help learners understand their position and role in conflict management and resolution. The students are helped to realize that they have a role to play when it comes to promotion of peace. They do not need to rely on their teachers always to solve their conflicts. The counselor explains the critical role the students play in the whole process of conflict resolution.

This school has developed a well elaborate program that ensures that there is peace. Students are taught to resolve conflicts that emerge between themselves. This approach is successful because students are prepared to participate in the resolution of disputes. They learn to take responsibility at an early stage.

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