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The aim of this activity. By the end of the lesson is for the pupils to be able to get the main idea, obtain specific information, understand most or all of the message of different readings. Recognizing the purpose for reading will help students select appropriate reading strategies as well.

Core content worked with here (from the syllabus):

Literature and other fiction.

Strategies for listening and reading in different ways and for different purposes.

Different ways of searching for, selecting and evaluating texts and spoken language.

Oral and written production and interaction of various kinds, also in more formal settings, where students instruct, narrate, summarise, explain, comment, assess, give reasons for their opinions, discuss and argue.

(curriculum English 5 & 6)

Explain which of these key competencies your lesson plan involves and how

The key competence which will be required in this class includes; reading and writing. The reading concept every student will be expected to participate as well as for the writing section. These concepts will be emphasized throughout the class to ensure perfect understanding in both concepts.

Activity #/Time (mins) Teacher Activity Student Activity

20 minutes Introduction: Introduce the title of book & author. Explaining that what is the differences between a novel and a short story and the main keywords of narrator, character, theme and so on.

Explaining the tasks while reading & when they have finished reading the book. Students are listening and could be analyzed individually to come up with initial results for each task.

2 minute Dividing the class into groups of 5 and questions give to each group to discuss which they have read the short story (2-3 pages) as homework. Students to get into groups of five as instructed and choose the different discussion topic

10 minutes Walking around the classroom & monitoring what they are discussing. Students should participate and discuss the questions.

25 minutes

(5minutes for each group) Then ask each group to share their findings, discussing questions about the short story with each group. Students do the presentation what they have discussed (front of the classroom).

3 minutes Give the reflections of the group presentation. Students to give a brief understanding of the other group's topics.

Describe and elaborate on how you plan to carry out these activities and how they work. What kind of scaffolding will be offered? How will you use the whiteboard or other visual aids? (Attach any material used.)

All the activities are provided have the main purpose which is to help the students understand the novel and short story as well as help write a book review and prepare an oral group presentation of the book.

Task while reading:

After reading about two chapters or about 30 pages, construct a mind map that explains who the main characters in the book are and what is the relationship to each other. Also, use a few adjectives to describe the charters.

Look for a quote that makes you think somehow interests you and explains what they made you feel and think about and why the quote caught your interest.

Questions to ask themselves such as setting, time, theme, message, language and so on.

Task when they have finished reading:

Write a book review and prepare an oral presentation- try to use some literary terminology when commenting on your book.

Examples of what they can write a review ( review can be written in many different ways) such as

The title of the book and the writers name.

A summary of the plot since you should assume that your reader has not read the book

What kind of book it is- thriller, fantasy, western, historical and so on.

Students personal comments on characters/message/senery etc.

Own opinion includes both positive & negative points.

A conclusion where they say if they liked the book or not and why.

A recommendation. Is the book worth reading or not?

Visual aid: power point

Can you predict any potential problems? The potential problem that may be faced by the student is the reading speed of the students which may vary but to ensure this is handled by the students to read different content will sharpen their reading skills as well as speeds hence this facilitates the class participation generally. Also with this problem handled every student will have gone through the different learning materials in class hence the understanding capabilities will be high.

How do you plan to assess the pupils? An assignment is to be talked by the students where each student should address one of the current issues around the world and explain it in detail. This will ensure clear understanding of English and pure communication. The assignment will check the student's skills in listening to current issues as well as analyzing them and then explain them to another person in detail.

What materials are needed?

The internet.



Hand out of powerpoint in case technical failure.

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