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How can you enhance your academic abilities?

The first step should be determining my concentration span. You should first identify the area or field of study that you enjoy reading then proceed to the minimum amount of time spent during the revision in the field. With this information, you can, therefore, determine my concentration span and allocate time for every field in your course. However, you should not exceed your concentration span as it is a waste of time.

The second step is being prepared. You should revise on the topic before the teacher discussing the topic. You can do this by downloading related revision materials and setting aside clear timetables on your revision schedules incorporating every unit in your course.

The third step is being on time during class time lectures as well as revision sessions. This will enable you to have full attention focused in class. Being timely in your revision will assist you to be self-disciplined in your studies.

The fourth step should be establishing your learning style which is both auditory and visual hence is should consider the use of the internet for further information or ask for learning examples during lectures. You should also ask question or clarification on the areas that you have not fully understood.

Finally, is completing all the assignments. In the case of self-revision materials, you should complete all the chapter exercises availed and request the lecturer to assist you at looking into your answers for accuracy.

How do you enhance your social activities and interactions?

The first step should be behaving like a social person by avoiding the anxiety that could limit my decision-making processes. You should make new friends in my class who would be valuable in my academic aspiration. You should be in a position of initiating conversations with them and engaging them in constructive discussions without any nervousness. You should also join relevant study groups that could motivate me in your academic field.

The second step should be identifying your extracurricular areas of interest. You enjoy participating in sports field especially playing volleyball. This should act as your escape route from your studies while tired or during my free time. You should create achievable goals for yourself.

How do you choose your major(s) and minor(s)?

The first step in choosing my majors and minors in the course is assessing yourself. You should identify my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and values of the class that in you are undertaking. You should also recognize the possible job opportunities in the market and challenges for the course that you are about to take. You should even consider my interest and attitude towards the same as you should pursue what I would enjoy doing.

The second step should be identifying the skills needed by the employer or required in the market. You should, therefore, choose one major that or minor that enhances your skills hence making you the preferred candidate for the job.

Finally, is developing a plan for your major. You can do this by meeting with your academic advisor to identify the credits that are needed for the minor or major hence fitting into the educational program.

How do you determine your mentors who encourage your goals and dreams?

In determining my academic mentor, you should identify someone who is trustworthy and one whom you can respect. It should be a person whom you admire and have similar values to you. You can verify this by having multiple conversations with them. They should know your strengths and weaknesses and help you build on your personalities without criticism.

The person should also be well connected by checking at their career trajectory and their latest publication or achievement. You should identify a person who is well productive as they are likely to be well connected. The person should also have the skills that you am in need of developing.

What are my career Objectives?

After completion of my coursework, I am planning on applying for internship programs to develop my hands on skills. I will gain the desirable experience and skills that will help me coup with the new work environment. I hope to work with a reputable organization which satisfies and fulfills the needs and wants for most of the employees as they receive good salaries as well as a good reputation. I hope to be the best in the officer in my area of duty and get awarded through promotions to the highest level of Chief Executive Officer in the employment company.

Partners responses.

How did they help you with your planning?

The responses from my partner were very resourceful for mu academic plan. They helped me identify mu areas of weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats of the course that I am taking. I was able to identify my field of major and minor. Furthermore, I was able to choose my academic mentor in my field of interest whom we shared a common interest.

Did you learn anything new from your classmate?

I learnt new information on enhancing my academic abilities. I leant that for one to succeed in education, one needs to have a clear plan. I learnt that I should be taking right notes in class or during self-revision. You should avoid listening while taking notes at the same time as it does not work in your favor. In case the course is very essential, you can record the lecturer for any reference. You can also ask the lecturer for additional revision materials or a summary of their classes. Moreover, you should review the notes from previous classes before attending the next class.

Were there any frustrations, dissonance, or fears during the conversation?

I trusted my partner even before asking them the question. I was therefore not frustrated as they answered the question from an open point of view and provided honest responses. They also gave me their revision methods to compare with my revision methods. I discovered that their methods were more friendly and educative.

Any major epiphanies or highlights from this conversation?

The conversation was friendly and helpful. My partner however emphasized on identifying possible industries and employers of the course. Through attending the meeting of the Student Professional Organizations, you can be in a position to meet other students pursuing the area of major. You can learn more about the field from other professionals who are invited by the organization to guide the students. You can also outline the pros and cons of majoring in all fields to identify the most suitable area.


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