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Just when you thought your day couldnt get any worse, it got worst. Individuals minds are always baffled by the fuss about homework and assignments and why we have to do them in the first place. Have you ever known what it feels like to score a zero or lowly in something you never slept or had to forgo a trip to do? Many individuals minds come to a startled halt when it comes to thinking about the relevance of homework and what they are going to achieve by sticking to this melancholic and devastating path to success. Well, nothing good ever comes out of having to do something just be because it is a mandate. One does not need to be forced to do homework so that the teacher can verify that they are learning. Neither does anybody has to go through the daunting task of having to do homework and forgoing extracurricular activities to demonstrate how well-seasoned they are in an area.

All you need is a chance to demonstrate your skills and understating of the subject, and pretty much, there is a myriad of ways you can do that in this free world. Definitely, a world without homework is synonymous with gulping clean, fresh air when suffocating. However, this cry for freedom among students is faced with a series of cynical moments and bleak hopelessness of having to re-do the same thing probably done by our ancestors ever since education started. With all the sophistication in the current world, students need to be bailed out of this devastating routine.

To date, Friday, August 12, 2017, remains inscribed in my mind and definitely, if you have ever gone through what I went through, you would still be having nightmares. This day was supposed to be that day I would show how well seasoned I am on the pitch. However, homework had a plan to keep me arrested in the house for the better part of the night surging even to wee hours. That fabulous evening that I was supposed to have turned into a series of boring and hopelessness. My hope for a better weekend plunged into a series of desperate times sitting on the table and having to do assignments. Forgoing family meetings and other events have its own pain, and definitely, it is one of the most boring experiences you could ever go through. For some bizarre reasons, my teachers gave voluminous homework that day. To start with, I had to research about the adaptation of homework in biology. When anticipating how I would finish the task, I was committing a colossal error by not realizing that I needed to do others in Physics, Calculus, Psychology and Community Development.

As soon as I got home, I came up with an idea of how I could complete my homework and manage to attend to the other commitments. Since psychology homework seemed relatively more straightforward, I thought I could maneuver and do it within a brief timeframe. Hardly had I completed my biology homework when I heard loud sounds of cheers from the nearby pitch. My head came to a halt, and for a second, I stopped short to think, I couldnt believe that I was missing the game it took an active part in planning. Needless to say, this experience kept testing my belief in, Teachers mean well despite this burden, I know it is for my future. At the back of my mind, I knew that the only way to help myself to concentrate on the task is to shove this nostalgic feeling into a drawer and stick a lock on it. If I did not have the power to do this, I knew that it was going to catch up with me and drug me down the slippery slope of inevitable failure.

Just because I missed my game, it does not mean that this homework was going to make me lose my family time. Due to the fact that physics and biology homework required a great deal of my time, I decided that I was going to work on them regardless of that since I would be done by the time the family meeting started.

We will be in the living room continuing with the family meeting, please meet us there once you are done with your homework. My said as he passed by the table, at this moment, I had not even started my physics assignment. Just begin without me I am sure that I will be joining you shortly, I responded. I could precisely decode their conversations from my room. Unfortunately, I did the assignments late into the night, and due to that, I had to miss the scheduled family meeting. I felt that I had been abandoned doing my homework. But, after you are done with them, you can then feel very lonely as well because part of you has been left in the homework. What kind of education system would make you lose both yourself, your time, your loved ones and your life in the process of keeping the teacher satisfied? This kept haunting me for days even after completing the assignments. Definitely, this horror keeps resounding in my mind every time in think about homework and the devastation several students have to go through to satisfy the teachers.

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