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Pursuing further studies in ones career interests implies that there is a desire to acquire more knowledge and use the knowledge to make significant contributions to the society. I believe in hard work, commitment and discipline as key factors that contribute to individual progress. From an individual perspective my personal, educational, and professional background provide a solid foundation in my interest in pursuing the Doctor of Pharmacy degree and hence have the capacity to assist me in achieving my professional goals.

From the time that I was young, I was passionate about being part of the scientific field, particularly in working in a lab while putting on a white lab coat. When I finished high school, I chose Biology as a major and during my last years in college I started to work in an electrophysiology laboratory in Havana Cuba. I worked with the best electrophysiologist in Cuba: Dr. Julio Alvarez. He was my mentor, and for five years I worked with him researching biophysics of ionic channels in cardiomyocytes. I felt that my desire of being part of the scientific world had finally taken root. However, the conditions in Cuba were quite challenging with respect to my professional development. The conditions were demotivating. First, the facility lacked adequate resources such as chemical products, distilled water to dissociate cells. The available resources were obtained from donations from international universities. Furthermore, there was no access to computers or the internet and hence making it difficult to do an appropriate bibliographic revision of our scientific hypothesis. Although we had all those problems, and we used to have a machine from the 90s, my group and I could get eight papers published in scientific magazines whereby some of them would receive a high impact score. During those years I was completely focused on taking part in research. Nonetheless, despite making significant progress with my team members, I felt that I was not completely satisfied and needed to acquire more knowledge and skills. I felt that all my hard work finished in a Paper Published. I was well aware that I was part of a team that was making significant contributions to the development of the human knowledge in molecular biology, but I wanted to see my work have a direct and positive impact on people. I believe that my thirst for knowledge and making significant differences in the society emanates from my mother. She is a single mother who worked as a primary care physician whereby she served a population that lived in extreme poverty. She received a salary of twenty dollars per month, but she never refused to continue helping and saving lives.

In 2014 I moved to the United States because the situation at my workplace had worsened over the years. The government did not want to continue financing our projects with the view that projects didnt bring money to our institution. After all, we only engaged in basic science and not applying the science in real-life situations. I hold the view that it is unusual to forget the history of science especially when the interest is on contributing to the society rather than financial interests. For example, the discovery of radioactivity by Marie Curie was during the study of basic science, and the radioactivity application has been seeing its sustenance for years. Therefore, I refrained from the ideology that science is all about money, and I was also used to living on my parent's salary. When I came to the USA, I started to work doing clinical trials as Clinical Research Coordinator under the supervision of a Medical Doctor as a principal investigator. The job position equipped with information regarding federal and local regulations on the pharmaceutical products. Be that as it may, my professional interest started when I began to work as a volunteer in a Public Pharmacy that was located near my home. The experience exposed me to the pharmacy world, and hence I decided on pursue pharmacy as my profession. The associated view is that if I used my knowledge of pharmacology and physiology that i acquired from my years of scientific research and combined it with my knowledge of drugs regulations and the use of protocols, then I was ready to venture into the field.

I believe that my academic experience has adequately prepared me to pursue the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Taking part in research and having my ideas published exposed me a lot on the scientific world. From an individual perspective, there are still yet more discoveries in the scientific world that need to be made particularly on medicine. New infections keep on developing and some infections still have no substantive cure. Pursuing further studies in pharmacy provided me with the opportunity to make a difference in medical care and in research. Hopefully, I will be able to make more publications with respect to my expertise and be able to influence others in the field to continue contributing to its development.


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