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I strongly agree that reading is very important to a persons education. Reading books expose someone to important information which is essential in education (May and Aikman, 2003). Through reading different books an individual might understand how to solve certain problems, know how to achieve a given thing and also helps in acquiring new information necessary for the improvement of education. Reading alone can ensure that you explore a particular thing of your interest which may end up becoming your career. I, therefore, believe that exploration starts with reading different books thus helping in learning as advised by the signs on the wall. Reading has been treated by the teachers and Rodriguez as a very important tool for their academic success. As reported, by Rodriguez, the ideas and themes of a book make it valuable.

In addition, reading is a very important aspect that creates self-improvement. It allows an individual to improve from poor grade to a good grade. This is because through reading it is possible to get more knowledge or have a wider understanding of a given topic or subject of your interest thus becoming more educated. Reading also exposes an individual to many people. It is reported by Rodriguez that, I realize that reading would open up whole new World? Could book open doors for me? It could also introduce me to people and show me places? It is, therefore, means that reading can improve individuals life when taken seriously. As noted in this book reading helped Rodriguez to gain confidence when speaking and a good writer of English.

Notwithstanding reading enhance someones understanding. Through reading a person can learn several things which are important in academic progress. Reading helps Rodriguez to be a confident speaker and also gain sufficient writing skills. Furthermore, he can say something concerning Dante and Descartes (May and Aikman, 2003). It, therefore, means that reading has the potential of improving understanding of an individual which is an important aspect of learning. Reading is also a vital instrument for communication. This is because reading can be conveyed through reading. Reading is a form of communication and as you communicate in the course of reading, you understand more thus gaining more communication skills which are essential for better communication. Reading helps Rodriguez to be a confident speaker and also gain sufficient writing skills that signify that reading is a vital instrument for communication.

Reading is also a very important tool that helps one connect his brain. This is because when one is reading, it is a must that he becomes silent in order to seek for more information. When one is in silence, the brain becomes clear and gains a stronger focus on a given thing thus enabling one to see from a point of view as reported by Rodriguez (May and Aikman, 2003). The whole process allows you to shape yourself. Finally, reading increase creativity and expose an individual to the World of thoughts. Reading allows people to understand things differently and how an alternative course of action produces a different result. Through this, it becomes an important instrument for a persons education.

Based on my reading, education is the knowledge that one acquires and use after going through learning. Education cannot only be acquired through reading but there are other factors that form part of education (Nuria & Bergan, 2006). Someone can get an education even through teaching, experience and even through exposure. Therefore reading is just one important aspect of education which allows an individual to acquire different skills and proficiencies needed for a given career.


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