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Every research requires showing the level of trustworthiness for it to be termed as a valid research. Researcher display trustworthiness by applying the credibility, transferability, and dependability in their research to do their research to be a viable one. Since research validity requires the three fundamental skills for research to be reliable, I will, therefore, ensure that my discussion topic is dependable, has credible and reliable information and the information outlined is transferable in the day to day life.


Credibility is a vital aspect of my research since I need to link my discussion with the research findings that show reality for the demonstration of truth about the results and to make my conclusions to have the level of trust needed. It will involve several techniques if my research involves a qualitative analysis since it will, therefore, need member checking and triangulation. I will employ triangulation which is the use of multiple ways, observers, theories or data sources that help in gaining a complete understanding of the research. I will use apply triangulation to make sure that the research has comprehensive information, the findings are robust and that the findings are well-developed with credible sources. I will involve both triangulation of sources which includes making use of different data sources in examining the consistency of the outcome (Anney, 2014). I will also include theoretical triangulation which entails the use of a variety of theoretical perspective in the process of analyzing the data.


I will judge the research by checking the consistency of the data included with time by keenly scrutinizing to check for carelessness and mistakes done in the research like the time the study was carried out, the interpretation of the data which most researchers take it as a challenge. For dependability, the studys description should be free from errors and any careless recording of data. I will check on the logic that the research uses in identifying interviewees, events, and the people to be included (Anney, 2014). A more reliable research should be well presented.


It refers to how the research findings can be applied to other contexts through a responsive generalization of the results. To ensure that the topic of discussion or the research is made to be transferable, a thorough description is done an assumption is made regarding the centrality of the study. It all needs a sensible analysis of the research and seeking into disciplines that the research findings can be applied to better research. I will carry out an inquiry into other disciplines for transferring the results to be used in other contexts to term the research to be a trustworthy one (Anney, 2014).

To Analyze Researchers Preconception, Pre-understanding, and Biases

A preconception is an opinionated assumption about research that is made beforehand. Research is said to be opinionated previously if the results of the investigation do not match the researched questions. Also, if the analysis of findings is contradictive, then the research is just mere assumptions. To analyze bias in research, it requires the analysis of the results o is done by a third party who is not a member of the research team. He or she measures the outcome of the research to check on whether the data included is reliable. Pre-understanding can be analyzed by the kind of background information and the conclusion of the study (Ryan, 2011). An excellent analysis is the one that avoids the use of words that a researcher already knows about the research to develop a reliable research paper. Words I know, we are aware, and many others can show that there is high pre-understanding in the article.

ReferencesAnney, V. N. (2014). Ensuring the quality of the findings of the qualitative research: Looking at trustworthiness criteria.

Ryan, T. G. (2011). The Teacher/Researcher and the Role of Pre-understanding: A Personal Analysis. New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work, 8(2).

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