How I Would Benefit from Spending a Week Studying in Havana, Cuba

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Studying abroad presents an opportunity for exploring and comprehending how an area of interest is approached in a different environment. It also presents an opportunity for interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and engaging in new activities (Behrnd & Porzelt, 2012). It enables one to experience a different view on how certain notions are approached (Soria & Troisi, 2014). It presents an opportunity for me to start a new life where I can engage in various activities with fewer obligations. I have two grown-up children by which one of them is already living on her own, and the other one is graduating from college this year. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English literature recently, and I will be soon completing my MA in the field of education with the area of focus being Adult Learning and Work Reinforcement. My desire is to explore the world and learn from various cultures. I believe that I deserve to make some changes in my life especially since I set aside my dreams to dedicate myself to my duties as a parent to ensure that my children received the best regarding basic needs, education, parental love and so forth.

I believe that there are a lot of things that people can learn from others when dissociating from ones comfort zone or confinement. New opportunities result in new ideas which in return result in more knowledge (Soria & Troisi, 2014). I hope to gain a lot from the week in Cuba regarding Adult Learning and Work Reinforcement. I am certain that such an opportunity will bring about new perspectives on how to handle the subject and possibly get suggestions on the various projects associated with the subject. I want to know the conditions of other teachers in other parts of the world to comprehend the similarities and differences in addition to learning from them new ways that I can employ in improving my teaching skills. My major interest is looking at the school life present in Cuba and the education system in addition to assessing whether they require much help when it comes to education and reinforcement of work. It would be a good opportunity for me to employ the skills that I have learned from my education and my teaching experience in a new environment. My other interest is learning about the economy of Cuba and how it affects the education system. I also look forward to learning about the history regarding Cubas relationship with the United States and how the relation impacted the Cubans way of life including its education system. I am not fluent in Spanish, but I hope that I will be able to participate in the associated studies fully.

I view the visit as a blessing and as a form of exploration if given the opportunity to travel to Havana, Cuba. From a personal perspective, such an opportunity will open new perspectives regarding traveling from one country to another in addition to increasing my interest in sharing my skills and knowledge with teachers from various parts of the world. I want to set a good example to my children regarding career prospects such that they become proud of my achievements and be inspired to continue working hard in their respective careers. I believe that parents play a huge role on how their children view the world. They act as mentors and role models whom children may look up to and depend on when making strides in their careers. The visit to Havana, Cuba is therefore a beneficial opportunity in regards to my career and individual development.



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