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Cuba is globally recognized as an Island and a country that has ever experienced the leadership of a famous and notorious ruthless dictator. Cuba is one of the global regions that have ever suffered from the consequences of a long-lasting travel ban which lasted for a period of 54 years. The effects of this travel ban are still felt all over the country with widespread political corruption and poverty. Located in between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, Cuba has suffered from increased consequences of bad diplomatic and international relations with the United States. However, when Christopher Columbus first landed there he said: "This is the most beautiful land that human eyes ever beheld". Indeed, Cuba is one of the most captivating places in the world which present a wide opportunity for tourist attraction as well as providing the traditional feeling of a real country.

Walking in the streets of Cuba you can see all kinds of things you have never seen in your home country. Many of the streets in Havana arent paved. You can also meet some kids playing soccer without putting on shoes. Most of the buildings in the city and the entire country are painted with beautiful fading colors as the entire air remains filled with a variety of smells consisting of vintage American V8 cars and cigars witnessed in the 1950s. Live music is played from time to time on almost every block with strangers and couples dancing. Cuban streets are also the places one can meet people with half-broken wooden wagons selling fresh fruit as no one stares at his or her phone. Just about every block you can see propaganda containing Fidel Castro, Jose Marti, and Che Guevara. Despite this life differences most of the people you come across in Cuba are always happy and feel content with the nature of their country.

I took this picture so I can remember a memory of the things I saw and experienced in Cuba. I didn't take many pictures because most of the time I was taking in the sights. There was no point of me bringing my phone around because Cuba still hardly has any internet or cell phone connection. The average Cuban person makes 20$ a month. Its really amazing how the people there make the most of the life they have. It really shows how money doesn't buy happiness. Nonetheless, most of the Cubans stay in the streets because they don't want to be inside their homes.

Cuba is really a place stuck in time. There's no social media, phones, internet, and really limited access to most things. Even though they are poor, Cubans are some of the happiest people I ever met. You can often find people doing a number of crazy activities on the streets. For instance, you can find people dancing on the streets, smoking a cigar, and drinking rum. It's always really cool walking around seeing all the colorful buildings and propaganda everywhere. This picture is special to me because it is one of the pictures I took while walking on the streets of Cuba. It was the one time I took my phone with me so I can show my family anything to prove that indeed I was once in Cuba.


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