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The objective of high schools has transformed from arranging and selecting to preparing students for postsecondary opportunities. Schools should put emphasis on students' college and career choice readiness. Students have to plan their future as far as career is concerned. It is a schools counselor responsibility to help students identify creative ideas and exceptional skills that would help individual students achieve their dream careers. School counselors recognize what individual students are good in and help nurture these talents to help students have a stable career path.

Doctors treat patients who are referred to the hospitals by health professionals. They apply medical skills and knowledge to diagnose, prevent and manage diseases.

Joe has already developed a solid science background which shows he can handle courses like sciences algebra and geometry. He has to be aware that if he wants to become a doctor, he will have to attend an accredited medical school. This is after he graduates with a bachelor`s degree from college. He has to be prepared to spend not less than seven years in his post-bachelor education. This means he has to be in medical school for four years followed by four to eight years in internship or residency program. He also has to undergo comprehensive clinical training during his time in medical school.

Admissions to medical school have a lot of competition and applicants who get a chance to be admitted to the medical school have to be excellent in their academics. This is because the field of medicine has very rogue courses and needs someone who has a high understanding in the field of science. Apart from the academics, he needs to have personal character qualities and must have compassion and be sensitive to people's feelings. In this field, one has to have good communication skills and good leadership qualities. The counseling center can provide platforms whereby Joe can demonstrate his leadership qualities which will build his confidence. This will build up abilities like decision making, problem-solving and critical thinking which will help him in his future career goal as a doctor. It will also give proof that he can motivate his peers to particular actions that benefit the school or community. This will even give him strong organizational skills which will help him in taking a systematic approach to any situation. It is also essential for Joe to meet up with medical practitioners and enquire from them what it takes to be a doctor. This way he will know the satisfaction and challenges faced in this line of duty. Medicine entails doing a lot of research and Joe could volunteer at a local medical researcher through his contacts. This will also help him in his academics since schools will appreciate evidence that you are research oriented.

Medical professions and medical schools demand candidates to have high ethical standards since medicine is the most trusted profession. Joe needs to know that it will be his duty to make the care of their patients their priority. He needs a lot of patience and takes time to understand his patients well.

It is crucial to identify highly regarded medical schools where he can get quality education and skills required. While submitting his applications, he needs to investigate his possible financing options to take him through the seven or more years of medicine. If he is not able to raise the finances, he can discuss it with his family to see if they are capable of helping him finance his medical education. He can also reach out to financial aid officers or obtain an understanding of loans that are available to you. He can also seek out private and government scholarships available. This will help you make the best choice for a lasting financial future.

After considering which medical school to join and getting resources to cater for the medical course, Joe has to apply to his preferred medical school. Most colleges may require him to make an online application whereby he will be required to submit his official transcripts and letters of recommendation. If he is qualified, he will be invited for an interview with members of the faculty. He has to prepare thoroughly for this interview since this will be his chance to prove he is qualified to join the medical school.

A police officers duty is to maintain peace within the communities. They are also responsible for enforcing the laws. Further, from earning a high school diploma, Elizabeth will be required to get training at a police academy. She has to be prepared to undergo some psychiatric review as well as some physical fitness testing as examinations determined by the academy.

She has to complete high school since it is a fundamental requirement for a police department. If she wants to advance her career, she can complete a degree program in criminal justice or law enforcement. This would help develop her career rapidly than the rest of the officers without a degree. Elizabeth has to be at least 21 years old to be a potential office. If she is hired immediately after high school, she has to train and work until she is 21 years of age to become a police officer. She has to have full citizenship and a valid driver`s license as some of the requirements.

She will attend a police academy for physical and classroom training. The training will prepare her for active duty whereby she will gain experience in facing actual situations. She has to be fit and flexible to be able to handle this kind of training. She has to do exercises that build up her physical strength to prepare herself for the physical ability test.

She has to pass some examinations which are set to ensure competence. These tests could be written exams or physical tests of vision, strength agility and hearing. The academy may conduct a background or a psychiatric interview to evaluate recruits overall suitability and personal characteristics suitable for a career in the law enforcement.

Elizabeth has to maintain a clean record to secure a place at a police academy. It is essential for her to uphold a clean image and never to be involved in any criminal or illegal activities. If she is found guilty of any offenses, she risks losing any chance of her ever joining the police force.

For any student with aspirations of becoming a physical education teacher, he or she has to attend college or a university to do a bachelor of science in an education program that emphasizes on physical education.

Alex has to put more effort in his academics to get into college. Since he will be teaching children, he has to have methods that will support their physical, cognitive social and emotional development. He has to start learning nonverbal and verbal communication techniques to improve learning and also encourage engagement. Since he will be dealing with learners from different abilities, he has to start learning how to create physical education activities that will include them. He has to be prepared for practical components, general education requirements, and professional labs. He has to be prepared to undergo a teaching preparation program.

Since Alex is a good athlete, being a physical education teacher is an excellent choice for him as a career. He needs teaching skills so that he can deal with children. Most colleges offer a student-teacher practice towards the end of the program to enable aspiring teachers to gain experience. He should be prepared to volunteer at a local community center to interact with kids of different ages.

Students have to do thorough research on careers that they want to pursue. They should put in mind the kind of courses they need to pursue to achieve their dream careers. They need to work hard in specific fields according to their career choice to get into colleges or universities that offer the various courses. Students have to be exposed to skills, understanding, and concepts meant to prepare them for college.

Schools need to check for students' grades, behavior reports, and test scores to determine if individual students are ready for college. Students need to learn soft skills such as positive attitude, good communication skills, strong work ethics and acting as a team player since it is a requirement for any career choice. These skills ensure that the students are ready for college and help them achieve their career goals.

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