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A college education provides students an opportunity to learn and acquire the skills that they will apply in the workforce. The previous studies are meant to instill one the general understanding of essential concepts in life, morals and life skills. The teachers are always available to facilitate the learning process and give the guidelines. College education involves intensive personal studying and research on your area of specialization. Presentations before your classmates or a panel of lectures on various research topics. The professors give an outline of the course and provide lecturers to broaden your understanding CITATION Fra03 \l 1033 (Chou). These form a basis for your extensive research. At this point, one is an adult able to make the right decision pertaining their life. Freedom is given to the students where the involvement in education and extra-curricular activities is a personal choice. No one is there to follow students to ensure that each does what is required of them. The rules are set by the institution pertaining their programs, and whoever does not meet the threshold be if of attendance to classes or undone projects and assignment they face the penalty.

College education brings people from across the globe with a similar interest together. Those aspiring to undertake related professions are grouped. These provide such an excellent platform for team building and creating a lot of innovation. These are people joined by a common goal of studying a given profession. It also provides a platform for people undertaking various programs to meet and view how the fusion of individual concepts can be fused to have excellent results CITATION Car02 \l 1033 (Brittain). The diversity among the scholars provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures. They get to understand why others are different without being judgmental. These are helpful in quelling animosity between tribes, races, and communities. College life exposes students to the real world in that they are mandated in making their own decisions. They start applying the life skills that they learned previously such as critical thinking in trying to make an essential conclusion by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages.

The quality of the college education one receives determines your competitiveness in the job market. With a good education, you can master the skills needed in your field. You have a broad concept of tacking different challenges that may be experienced in your workstation. These are one of the determining factors of one's career success CITATION Car09 \l 1033 (Chapman and King). The world is increasingly becoming competitive with the increase in population and the reduction of resources. Most people can get education compared to in the olden days where only a few privileged ones got educated. The quality of education is now the determining factor of how fast and efficiently you get employed. Putting in place more discipline, dedication and hard work you can climb the ladder of career success. Everyone is trying notch for themselves. Growth and progress are everyone's dream. What makes you different and stand out among the fellow competitors is being embraced by all. Studying in institutions in the US that have a good reputation is an added advantage. These schools are fully equipped and hence make sure that a student has the full exposure of all they can encounter in their workplace. They have created a culture of excellence, and the students are obliged to work hard and perform well.

Some students get an opportunity to study their college education in foreign countries. These are viewed as the golden opportunity where you will meet brilliant minds of another nation and exchange your ideas. It fosters integration among the students and helps to change the perspectives that one may hold on a contentious issue CITATION Fra03 \l 1033 (Chou).The exposure that comes with traveling to a new land and seeing how things are run in a different way from how you are used. These broaden one's imagination and reasoning. Many business ideas are formulated from such that become a successful venture. It takes one to view things are run and have some interest and research on how a specific technology and how best it may work in their home country. You then start focusing on how to get the finding to make your dream a reality. With determination hard work and patience you navigate your way through. Thes will not only benefit the particular individual but the society and the nation at large. It creates employment in areas where such businesses are set up and foster the growth of other firms that are linked to the investment either directly on indirectly, and the nation can also earn some revenue.

As many students are willing and applying for chances to get education in the US its education institutions are admitting students with low qualification. It is not possible to to evaluate the performance of the students as they use different curriculum in their countries. The increase in the number of students makes it hard for this institution to provide the required resources to aid their education. This is because the number of enrolment of student does not match the increase in investment in the programs and services in the university (Heng). Ilegradress of this more student wish to study in this institutions due to their remarkable reputationWhat is the customer value proposition for Amazon HQ2?

However being In a foreign country as a student has its challenges. Many do experience a culture shock. A habit is second to nature, and instantly you are expected to abandon your way of doing things and adopt another. This change is not gradual, and you will experience some resistance from within yourself. Some of the cultures you encounter are irritating making you miss going back to your home country. The resistance you are going through is psychological, and many people do not identify with your situation. You should understand that they have never experienced such and were it not for your college education you couldn't also identify with such a problem. One may feel that people do not understand the effort he or she may be putting to fit in. Such a struggle may be experienced by an international student though from another country. You need to talk to someone going through the same for some moral support. It may be wise to befriend an international student, and despite how hard change is you should not be adamant. The difference is part of life unless one wants to be stuck in stagnation which is the comfort zone.

When struggling to get accustomed to this new lifestyle students may find it challenging to concentrate on their schoolwork. But your main reason for coming to that particular country and your goals should be your driving forc CITATION Car09 \l 1033 e (Chapman and King). Not forgetting the hard work you have put in place to be there at that moment. Your dreams should not fade away and the strides you have made this far, it is possible. It may be difficult in the beginning as you had a different curriculum, but with the effort, you can beat per with your classmates. The starting point is the toughest. Ask for clarification on areas you do not understand. For those who are timid to ask a question in those lecture halls where a professor is addressing a large number of people, you can either visit them in their offices to get clarity or ask others students in the class. Study groups are helpful as you discuss and exchange ideas and one gets clarity on various issues. International students ought to take the chance of the opportunity accorded to them to a better learning environment and resources. They should exploit everything at their disclosure to achieve the academic excellence.

Being in a foreign land without friends and family is not easy, but you need to find your way around the area first so that you do not end up feeling secluded. You should be ready to stretch a hand to reach out to many and make friends fast. You should create peace and always yearn to be on good terms with everyone around you. Being respectful of one's personal space and not dwelling in their businesses. Each one has a choice to make on how they lead their own life you should, therefore, let them be and give your opinion when asked. Do not be fast to judge people by what you see as there may be some underlying reasons why now is it that situation Engaging in extra curriculum activities that you enjoy is a good starting point. You will portray your skills and talent as well as learn from the others. These will provide a bond of brotherhood among people partaking similar activities. They become the family that you wished and having someone that got your back and you can trust will make the journey easier. In the US the interaction between teacher-student is not an official. You can befriend a teacher to help you navigate the college and avoid you getting to the wrong company and give in to peer pressure. You should make friends with other international students and discuss the emotional burden you are undergoing you will become ready to accept your current situation and consider yourself lucky for getting such a chance to study your college education.

Life in the US is quite expensive most international students to study there on a scholarship program while other in the private campuses as self-sponsored students. If you are on a scholarship program, you ought to study very hard and motivate your sponsors. Poor performance may cause a sponsorship to be with withdrawing as they lack value for money. It may also cause one to have to retake a particular unit or repeat an entire year. You are then focused on meeting this bills from your pocket as they are not part of your agreement. It is such a frustrating moment that may cause a student to drop out as they cannot foot the extra payment. Even with a scholarship some expenses that are not budgeted crop up. It is, therefore, crucial for one to get a part-time job that will help you cater for your costs. You should recognize the US working regulation for international students to avoid breaking the law and getting a lawsuit which is drawing financial and also takes a lot of time. For self-sponsored students, there is a scholarship in each semester that is awarded based on the merit of performance in the classwork and extracurricular activities. Students should work hard and exploit their talents and abilities in the extracurricular activities to stand a chance of qualifying for this scholarship CITATION Car02 \l 1033 (Brittain). They should also apply for the scholarships as you cannot be accorded one without asking for it. The healthcare in the US is universal for its citizens. Therefore, one needs to get an appropriate medical cover to the struggle to meet the enormous medical bills if the college is not offering a health cover.

Studying in the US for the International students has had its limitation, but the education is so relevant. The brightest mung across the dream of going such institution with a reputation where one gains skills, knowledge, and experience. While others are struggling to acquire and retain their employment. Employers are pouching you and are willing to negotiate your salary. Having such a curriculum vitae is a form of an insurance cover to a better life. You stand out and can outperform your competitors. You can create a module that helps solve a crisis in organizations. The organizations can identify with your contribution, and you become an indispensable part of it.

People are continuously encouraged to be innovative and create their businesses and should be patient to watch them grow. Education is promising, but only a small number of people do have access to quality education that can warrant them of great future. Howeve...

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