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Fair use permits limited use of copyrighted materials without the permission of the copyrights owner as long as they are restricted to instructional purposes. It defends somebody against the claim of copyright infringement. The ability to use and access copyrighted materials in educating the students and the society at large is of importance. Majority of teachers are aware of expansive nature of fair use over other guideline adopted by education centers on the internet. The fair use provides a limited platform by which people can use a copyrighted work without permission from the owner. Educators are allowed to copy charts, graphs, and single chapter of a book, a poem, and short articles. The paper seeks to find out the importance of fair use and copyright in the education sector to both students and educators.

Primary resources are materials which are the original document that are created during the actual time of study. Student using primary resources, gain a powerful sense of the originality of the artwork they are learning. The primary documents challenge the students making them think critically. Teachers need to help the students in identifying the primary materials that are needful to students. The students should always cite the original or the creator of that particular work. Giving reference will ensure that the owners of those creative sources are respected and honored. Educators should engage students with primary sources and equip them with knowledge on their use. To protect the originality, teachers need to guide the student in identifying the owner and when the artwork was created.

Fair use makes teachers and student creative. The method of copyright materials by educators helps their students develop as a communicator and critical thinkers. Educators need to consider the concept of using fair use as they prepare their lesson plans and student assignments that use knowledge from outside materials that are copyright protected. Some of the sources include audio, visual and printed materials. Teachers need to take their time and outsource those materials as they also read and understand them. Through this, teachers become more knowledgeable and more creative. Students can research on those documents opening their minds and becoming more creative and innovative. Fair use allows the student and educators to use different materials provided they are copyrighted. The students will analyze the copyrighted materials, and they will create their information not only in words but also in sounds and images both modern and traditional.

Both teachers and students must follow guidelines. Teachers and the students need to confirm the nature of copyrighted work. The information is meant to benefit the public and therefore, they should contact factual works that are published. Educators and students need to use the permitted ways when using fair use. The guidance is outlined in the copyright law. The material the student or the teacher intends to should not be tampered with. It should not have been transformed by adding expression or other meaning. This is because the added information can create new insight that was not there in the original work. Copyright should not compete directly in the market. When the students come with their work, they should not compete directly with the owner of the work. The owner of the original work can decide to sue the copyright. It is advisable to use less copyrighted work.

Copyright laws and fair use can be applied in many situations in life. Copyright laws dictate what a teacher can do and what cannot be used in the classroom. Copyrights direct the class teacher on what materials to print to be used in the class. When the teacher uses materials from outside source, they must cite their work to reduce plagiarism. Some of the cited work includes books, journals, internets, and newsletter. The law protects the way the author expresses themselves, hindering the teacher from manipulating in any way teachers can make photocopies provided they are for academic purposes. Teachers are allowed to use copyright be they must be careful on how they use them.

Teachers should encourage the student to use the primary information to achieve their goals. Primary sources help the student to relate what is learned in books to reality. This increases the level of understanding. The teacher should always engage students to primary sources. The students can seek additional knowledge and can account for different events. Using primary sources, the students can think and can examine documents and objects. Teaching with primary sources enable students to attempts multiples sources with the help of the teacher. Hence, Adds knowledge to students. Applying all these ideas, the teacher can achieve his or her goals of the class.

When teaching particular topics in class, teachers are forced to use copywritten media. When teaching about websites he can use an illustrating photograph website. Then introducing reaction of chemicals, the teacher may decide to use the potion of a film to demonstrate how the reaction takes place. A history teacher may choose to use TV coverage when teaching on emerging issues, example when the president is giving his speech. Language teachers use songs when they are teaching about songs in class. Teachers need to do a lot of research before bringing the media to class because some might contain misleading information.

Teaching professional has increased over the past years. One needs to have adequate knowledge to be a particular subject teacher. Content is key to any teacher. He or she must have a good mastery of the subject. Before somebody becomes a teacher in California, they need to have a teaching license. Personally, I would be teaching mathematics. When solving the simultaneous equation, this video clip is of great help to students. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Woh1BWSaOk

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