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There are key elements in improving from one situation to another, and they include motivation, self-improvement, and self-esteem. Last semester my grades were not good, but I am working on the way to improve them during the next semester. I have realized the reasons why my grades were poor the last semester. I was not taking my education seriously, and after spending my holiday, I have set up ways in which I will achieve better grades coming semester.

First and foremost, I need to change my mental attitude to a positive one because the last semester I felt that education is hard and I cannot understand it which made me feel disappointed with myself. I have acknowledged that my last grades are not what I am aiming for and I believe I can do better. I will pay more attention in class and be more participating by asking questions where I do not understand. I will be attentive to what the teacher is saying rather than daydreaming or talking to friends in class. The last semester I used to skip some classes which made lose notes but next semester I will show up for all classes and take good shorts that are short and self-explanatory, and this is because hard written notes are easy to read than on a computer.

I have realized that my learning style is different from those of my friends because I am an auditory learner and I will request the teachers if I can record the notes in classrooms. When the teacher starts the classroom the first day, he explains the whole syllabus to the students, and I will go over it and prepare myself what am going to learn next semester. If I do not understand any topic, I will ask the teacher to explain to me. The last semester I was on a diet to maintain shape, and therefore I avoided eating food and hunger made me lose concentration, but next semester I will have snacks throughout the day to give me the energy to study.

To study efficiently, I will have to make a study guide to give me information on the list of facts and ideas which may be covered in exams. I will also start studying at the beginning of the semester to avoid last minute rush. I will avoid procrastination at all costs because it made me fail the last semester. Memorization techniques will be helpful and will start on small sections at a time or use mnemonics which help memorize points easily. After studying for long, I will be taking breaks and the recommended one after 50 minutes of studying one should take 10 minutes rest to refresh myself. I can take the break to do an exercise such as stretch up which is very relaxing. This exercise will make my mind sharp and productive.

The last ways of improving my grades next semester will be making sure that I have a good environment for study and also stay organized by making time for enough sleep. Avoiding noisy environment will also help me since it will be away from television and music which is distracting for one to study. I will study at my home garden which is free of this noise to improve productivity. Last but not least eating healthy and getting enough sleep will be an appropriate way to achieve higher grades since my mind will be relaxed and ready to capture what I am studying. After doing a self-improvement and coming up with the mentioned ways, I believe that I will improve my grades next semester.

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