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Wellness is the striving for positive mental, social, and physical well-being and not only the absence of distress or illness. It is the process becoming aware of inner self and making positive choices towards a healthy life. The two results I found most hopeful or most interesting after completing the wellness assessment are spiritual average and mental average.

The most interesting wellness is spiritual wellness and this is because after running the wheel I scored the highest in the spiritual average with a score of 3.2. Spiritual wellness is living according to beliefs and values that give a sense of purpose and meaning to my life. The primary reason why I scored high is that I was brought up in a God-fearing family because my father was a pastor at a nearby church. My father taught me that I should live according to the will of God which means that I should be a good kid live according to the beliefs and values that he taught me. I believe that God exists and he is the one that blesses and protect me from any harm. I am a regular visitor of my faith community center called hope center where I go to share my worries and joys. In this center, we encourage each other, and one is given hope and a purpose to life. Am cautious about the world around me and can deal with life experiences positively using mindfulness techniques. For instance, a friend of mine wanted to introduce me to drugs telling me that I would feel good and free but I rejected the offer because it was against my beliefs. I also help the poor and the less fortunate in the community.

The second result I found hopeful and scored high is mental with an average of 3.1. It means that being able to realize my abilities and cope with life experiences. This is because right from childhood I have been eating a healthy diet with proper nutrients that help in mind growth. My elemental teacher taught to value myself, and since then I treat myself with respect and kindness, and most importantly I avoid self-criticism which lowers self-esteem. I surround myself with good people who will help me improve my reasoning and understanding and not those who make my mind poor by giving me drugs and other substance abuse which lowers the thinking capability. Another example is that I set realistic goals and not those that I cannot achieve and in the end up depressed and frustrated.

The area that needs attention in my life is my physical wellness because my life is busy because and at the same time go to school. This makes me unable to obtain prompt care for illnesses and injuries once they occur. I also eat fast food so that I can be able to save time and I do not get enough sleep. My schedule does not allow me to exercise because I work early and late hours of the day.

The incorporation of some of the mental wellness and spiritual wellness will be significant in my life as a student since I will be able to understand what is being taught to me in class and the end and pass my examinations without cheating. As an employee, I would help my fellow workers by showing them how their duties are performed and encouraging the depressed ones using my spiritual wellness. I would also use my mental wellness to relate well with my friends using my mindfulness techniques. Although I have to work on my physical wellness, the above two will help my life a healthy life by making right choices.

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